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  • Wireless+ and Trigger style Controller

    Are there any options out there for Carrera Wireless+ and trigger style controllers? I have a couple of the TruSpeed Carrera D-I wired hand controllers and they are great. Recently I bought a wireless plus set and I really like the ability to move around and I find the connectivity is excellent. Now I would like to combine the two and get my Wireless+ but still be able to use a trigger style controller. I love the Carrera track and all the great accessories they have put out but have never been a big fan of the thumb plungers. Does anyone make a wireless trigger-style controller or add-on wireless box for Carrera D132/124?

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    Whoa, don't everybody answer all at once

    So, I'm guessing from the complete lack of responses that either nobody knows or nobody cares. I always thought someone was going to make Wireless+ pistol controller but I've been waiting a long time. I had thought it might be possible to crack open one of the thumb controllers and shift the transmitter to another shell but no luck there....the electronics are completely integrated. I think the only way forward is to hack the 2.4 Ghz protocol that the controllers use to talk to the Wireless+ receiver build your own (where is SlotBaer when you need him). Fortunately that approach has worked surprisingly well and after a few evenings tinkering, I figure that I now know about 75 to 80 percent of the protocol. Attached is video for the proof-of-concept which shows my Arduino based transceiver attached to a TruSpeed pistol controller communicating directly with the Carrera Wireless+ receiver unit. It's a bit bulky due to the size of the Arduino Uno and the six AA batteries but I know the whole thing can be reduced to fit into the handle of a regular controller.

    [ame=""]Hacking Carrera 2.4 Ghz Wireless+ - YouTube[/ame]


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      Here you go:

      That one slipped through the cracks - even the guys manufacturing them!


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        Yeah it's been in the making quite awhile..


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          In the past, I haven't been a big fan of thumb style controllers. After using the Carrera wireless controller, I actually really like the throttle response and how the controller feels in my hand. I guess you say that I am a new convert to a thumb style controller.

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            Hopefully the DRS solution is imminent, but I'm only a cheerleader.

            I think what dtm541 has done is very cool. Even if he doesn't produce them for sale, hopefully he shares what he's learned so that the information can be used by others for their projects. There's a variety of things that could be done with wireless control of cars that isn't currently possible with the Carrera Digital system.


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              You are right, I don't have any for sale intentions nor really the skills to produce something of that quality. I am interested in being a customer of a real producer although I don't really want to wait very long so think the best option may be to really get something going would be to do something more roll-your-own with open source hardware and tools. Also, I am less interested in any solution which would require both a controller and a non-Carrera reciever. I saw another company ( which looks similar to the Ramjet-X which is also postponed on a wireless solution but from what I could tell there, they plan on using their own protocol. My way requires the Carrera reciever unit but turns any controller into a Carrera Wireless+ compatible device. Because all the work is really happening in software now controlled by the user, there are then a lot of possibilities as you mention like custom throttle maps, telemetry, etc.

              I am happy to share everything and it would be great to see if others could replicate the results. I am just wondering where the appropriate place would be to post all of the information. It would be a sort of long-ish post and although I intend this project to be very pro Carrera, I am not sure if Carrera USA would feel that the forum which they pay for is the appropriate place to unpack all of that.