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Convert cars-scxd 132 to carrera digital 132

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  • Convert cars-scxd 132 to carrera digital 132

    I have searched the threads/internet and am still looking for some specific guidence. I want to convert a bunch of cars and have some questions.
    1. Is it even worth it to convert them (will they run well?).
    2. Other than a chip, what other parts are necessary?
    3. Is it hard to get the headlights/tail lights working?

    Does anyone know of any youtube videos or other resorces I can look at?

    Thanks again for everyone's help!

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    There is a complete thread in the sticky section on the subject of converting other cars to Carrera digital - lots of pics, detailed descriptions, videos, etc

    the chip is the primary part you need plus light pieces if you are adding them to a car that doesn't have them.

    there are some new smaller chips coming now that can make the project easier

    Some other manufacturers are actually designing in D132 chip mounting into their analog chassis - I have done both and BRM cars this way.

    Welcome to the next fun part of the adventure.



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      Thanks Ed!

      How can you tell if an analog car manufacturer ( has designed the chassis for a carrera chip? I've looked at cars online and didn't really see where it was specified?

      Thanks again


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        If you go to Slot-it's website and then look up the model you want. Click on the little red "I" in the yellow circle. That will show you the specs for that car. On the 1st page of the specs all the way to the right is the digital info on what is compatible.



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          Thanks Dave!


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            But still I would suggest to take it with a grain of salt! Even if they are compatible, you will still need to do some extra work on the chassis to fit the decoders!



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     has several Group C - IMSA GTP chassis that they have released with D132 capability designed in:

              Porsche 962
              Porsche 956
              Nissan R89C
              Toyota 88C
              Auid R18 4WD

              Recent releases have included this chassis and earlier models can be updated with a service chassis

              In some cases these still require interior trimming but the chip mounting component is taken care of

              The charts for each model Dave pointed to are a good place to start, but there is more info available on the service parts pages to get chassis part numbers for the upgrades

              I did a couple of the 962s, a Toyota and a Nissan - all pretty straight forward and great runners

              body's are lightweight - not Carrera indestructible


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                Edmagner....nice looking cars! Thanks again for the help!