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Newbie tri oval questio

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  • Newbie tri oval questio

    What carrera set currently available can make a tri oval 1layout?

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    Bass pro shops.


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      I contacted Bass Pro Shops and they say the Nascar set is no longer available and was a limited issue. You might check the auction places online or the for sale here for it. Otherwise I am sure you will find someone that has used track that can help you make it. Soon I will have some but not sure yet what pieces I will have left over,


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        Joey, first of all welcome to the forum! You can make a tri oval with two sets of any curve combination (the curves come in sets of 180 degrees), some straights, and a power supply track. Unless you have very limited space, I would shy away from the 1/60 curves as they are very tight. The Bass Pro set came with 2/30 banked turns which makes a great tri oval. If you have a lot of room you could use 3/30 or 4/15 (the 4/15's require a bunch of space) curves either flat or banked depending on your preference. You don't have to buy a pre packaged set in order to achieve what you are looking for although there are some older sets on the auction site that were made under the old NASCAR license.


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          There is no "current set" the Bass Pro set was sold only to Bass Pro (we didn't sell any of those sets ourselves Bass Pro had ALL inventory of those sets) for 2015, not for 2016. Since we currently don't have the Nascar license we have no tri-oval set. You can always start with any basic set and build it into a tri-oval set OR you can look for new-old stock for a Nascar set at a dealer.


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            For a little more explanation of curves Carrera offers, one of the sponsors here on SCI has this link:

            Hope this helps.