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    I can't test this as my D132 is packed away, and I only have a short pit lane anyway. My question is this.

    I am racing, and decide to enter the pit lane. It's very long, in order to make room for 3+ cars after the sensor. I pull into the pit lane, and proceed WITHOUT RELEASING THE THROTTLE up to the end of the pit lane, which is, let's say, 2+ full straights after the sensor track. I then come to a complete stop by releasing the throttle completely.

    Will I be able to refuel?

    If the answer is yes, then my idea should work so long as the driver doesn't stop and then go again. If the answer is no, then it would not.

    Also, it's very interesting that D143 lane changers work like SSD ones. I had assumed they were like D132 in every way. That means it's just as important (especially if you run without traction magnets) for D143 tracks to include some straight distance before a lane changer, to ensure the car is straight for reliable flipper actuation.


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      For some reason, I remember messing around on night just running through pit lane and refueling on the front straight. I remember I could refuel at any point until I passed over another sensor (in this case a LC sensor) and that took it out of refuel mode. I can't remember how much throttle I was giving it but that would make more sense to me (the sensor taking it out of refuel mode) with my limited knowledge of how this stuff actually works.


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        Ok, I just went down and tested it. It is dependent on throttle position and nothing else. After you cross the fuel sensor, any throttle position over about half way kicks the car out of refuel mode. If you cross the sensor above half throttle, the car momentarily goes into refuel but immediately reverts. So the moral is I guess go slow in pit lane.


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          I think I was aware of that. There's a speed limit, or rather a throttle limit, in the "pit lane" that will prevent refueling if you exceed it. So... if you are below that speed/throttle limit, and drive to the end of the pit lane, can you successfully refuel after releasing the throttle?

          If so, this is similar to SSD systems that use a pit lane sensor that restricts pit functions to the pit lane. With speed limits, it's usually automatically imposed, but the typical action of the RMS is that if the car stops, it's ready to do pit functions, and once it drives away, it's done. If I pull into the pit lane on my track, stop, and then start to drive again, I can't stop and do pit functions. I have to drive all the way around again and try again. One chance to stop and then take care of pit functions.


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            Last test before sleepy time: the car will remain in refuel mode after stopping and starting again unless the throttle is pressed beyond halfway. I went into the pits and stopped but didn't refuel. I then went slowly all the way around my track, stopped on the front stretch and refueled. It may have a time limit but I can't stay up that late. Goodnight all!


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              Excellent! Thanks for the test, Mickey!

              With that, my previous suggestion should work fine. One sensor placed before the second pit lane piece to make a two lane pit. The trick is remaining at half (or lower) throttle until pit activity is complete.


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                Yep, one fuel sensor will work so you don't have to buy an extra. One last 'test' this morning just to satisfy my own curiosity: so I pulled into the pits and came to a stop, hit the LC button to put a little fuel in, released it and pulled forward a smidge. Hit the LC again and put a little more fuel in. So it seems there are two scenarios that take the car out of refuel mode. The first is when the throttle is depressed over half way and the second is when the car is completely refueled.


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                  I know this is an old thread, but reading it has intrigued me that I want to try to find a Pro-X pit lane. However, in thinking some about this topic, it would appear a mechanical like function vs digital function may be possible and more ideal (though may not be the easiest to accomplish).

                  I understand that the who idea behind this is to have an "auto" switch directing which lane a car will enter into following the main pit lane entrance. I wonder if it would be possible to modify the second pit lane to remove the digital components (the chip and the sensor) and to make some sort of mechanical switch in each lane that "flips" the flipper. So that if the flipper is position to have the car go straight, it does so, and the car triggers a mechanical switch with the guide flag to put the flipper in a position to force the next car to change lanes. And when that second car passes through, it triggers a mechanical switch changing the flipper's position so that the next car goes straight.

                  This may be more difficult to implement as you'e required to do more than just changing the location of the digital sensor. Though it may remove any potential future issues as there would not be any electronics to fail you.


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                    FYI. I tried this modification when the thread first came out. It took less than 20 minutes start to finish to complete the modification. The simplicity cost and reliability make this modification a really nice option, granted I have tons of Pro-x stuff laying around.