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    Originally posted by edmagner View Post
    Talked to my buddy who does network stuff and he suggested I might be bumping up against the max number of devices the router could handle.
    Yea, no way it was a bandwidth issue. But some home routers are still using designs meant to provide shared Internet for three desktops.


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      With what Bruce has done with Team Radio imagine this as a feature. Could this be the future of slot car racing?

      If you are like me, you spend most of your time racing family members or friends that pop over to visit. Beyond that you have the ghost car.

      With internet technologies and bandwidth what they are, imagine Remote Slot Racing...

      Remote Slot Racing would be you controlling your car on your track with another car set as the Remote Racer. The Remote Racer car would be controlled by some other racer at the comfort of their own personal track set up with their own car and you controlling a remote care on their end.

      Obviously a major variable would be that both people have an identical track layout. Just a thought I had as related to the Internet gaming that happens today.

      There are so many things we can control via the Internet, why not remote slot car racing.

      Hey Carrera... you listening?

      Just a fun thought!