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  • Whats the haps?

    Hey folks,

    I have been out of the game for awhile as its been bowling season and Im about to pick up the controllers again soon. I noticed they just did an update to the Carrera AppConnect software and I actually haven't had a chance to dink around with it yet. Anything I need to know or any weird bugs I need to know about?

    Also I have been constantly checking for the Ford GT's to drop and from what I have been able to find from Dave on here it looks like we are talking week 32 to see them showing up around here. Is that still accurate?

    Its nice looking around and seeing that not much has changed and everyone is still as helpful as I remember.

    Rubber Side Down,

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    The GT is suppose to show up in May, not sure of the week.



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      long time, no chat

      lot's of cool stuff going on - SmartRace has been getting better and better on the App side, Not many people on here are using the Carrera App - not sure if that will change with the new release..

      Bruce did a major redo on the front end of HSSRMS to make it more user friendly and has now added capability to use network connected devices as driver stations, including the ability to have a track call on each device. I put together a track call button setup to interface with Bruce's software and add multiple buttons around the track instead of just the PC keyboard - build your own info is in one of the sticky threads above.

      Sector time track is almost here - available in Europe already

      everybody is waiting on the Ford GT's..

      on the dealer front, not sure if you heard that Hotslots 132 had closed - owners retired and moved to FL

      Stop in more often and hang out

      Take care



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        Thanks on the heads up Ed it good hearing from you sir. I just made a cool new video with a go pro from track level. I'm planning on making a few of them over the next few weeks.


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          If anyone is interested, check out Skizilla on youtube and check "Duel in Detroit" for a drivers seat view on my layout.


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            [ame=""]Duel In Detroit - YouTube[/ame]