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Lane Changer is buzzing

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  • Lane Changer is buzzing

    Hey guys.
    My right to left lane changer is buzzing and the lane changer will not work. Has anyone had this issue? Is the lane changer dead requiring new?
    Thanks all

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    Unfortunately, a buzzing sound from a lane changer or pit switch usually signals death.


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      It's defective and something is wrong with the firmware on it. Was it new?
      You can return it to us under warranty and we will replace it.


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        Tested an old car that I haven;t ran in close to 10 years a few hours ago. Lights worked but car didn't move. Thought I heard a faint buzzing coming from a lane change track. After checking the motor to realize it was bad I changed it out and car ran fine...but. But now the lane changer doesn't work; it's making a faint buzzing sound like what's been described on other threads. I have no idea how long I've owned the LC but I'm sure it's been more than a couple years...This sucks!!

        I think DK said it means the firmware went bad in the lane change chip. How can that happen? I was using a BB and a standard D132 power supply, really surprised it went bad like that. Has anybody had a LC recover or found a repair after experiencing this problem???