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    Let me rephrase my controller question. Does anyone find one of the pistol grip controllers better than another? Any difference in sensitivity or brakes?


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      Other then Carrera digital being very new to me, I think #3 sounds like the most fun. I have almost no free time right now, but luckily I'm close to this track. Hopefully I can make it over for a few races.


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        I would say between #3 and #4.

        We regularly race 4-6 D124 cars with PM1032 motors, urethane tires, no magnets, pg tires trued and glued. We race an IROC format with cars set up to 'as same as possible' performance. Then depending on the number of people racing we either race an endurance race 500 laps or so with multiple drivers or short 30-50 lap races with single drivers.

        Digital Carrera track is 57 ft in length. single pit lane, wired pistol grip controllers with extension, HSSRMS, track call buttons, HP lab Power supply, but no DD or other acc.

        We run three series: GT D124, late 60's Lemans D124 and Monogram chipped 1/32 grand national series. Really depending on what I feel like prepping before a race day. GT cars have ballast to all weigh the same. I'm still playing with this to get the performance on certain cars optimized. Thanks for the tip Bruce.

        Everyone's race skills in our group have really improved so the racing is close. I really like the magless driving, that forces a big speed difference in curves vs straights. PG tires make a good improvement. As the members of our group have varied tracks and digital systems (A couple of ninco/oXigen set ups) we supply the cars and tune to be roughly equal. We rotate cars through drivers or rotate driving positions in a series of heats to enjoy a skill based day of racing.

        HSSRMS is great and makes the experience just work right. We use penalties and most of the features, but not events. Will have to mod cars to prevent the random re-code before we go back to this.

        My Carrera 1/32 cars have not seen track time in quite a while.

        Located in NW suburbs of Chicago so it's a bit of a drive for us to visit Cincy but it sounds like a blast.



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          6h D124 Endurance Race

          So, this whole question came up, because I still dream of a 24h race at some point. We accomplished the 4h Turkey Day Race for several times, without any hick-ups and I think we are ready to move on to a 6h event.
          The main struggle seems to be finding enough "committed" racers. There's probably 15 guys here in town, but it seems to be impossible to get them all motivated at the same time.

          I will throw this out there and see what happens - I have not posted any of this here in Cincy, because obviously, it would be fun to see how many out of town people we could end up with.

          Also, in the past few years we came all together for the Le Mans 24h - starting Saturday at 9:00am with "Bavarian breakfast". Then just hanging out, racing slot cars all day, watching the real race, grilling sausages - in short, just a good old time. Some years we managed to stick around to see the race finish in Le Mans on Sunday morning at 9:00am.

          Anyway, I thought why not hold a 6h event on the weekend of 17th-18th of June, which is the Le Mans date.

          So, Saturday 17th of June, doors open at 9:00am, racing starts at 2:00pm. Race length is 6h - clock does not stop for track calls.
          Grilling some sort of food after the race and race some more...?

          Chime in, if you are interested/able to attend or send me any questions you might have.

          Once we have enough interest, I will follow up on specifics in terms of cars,rules, etc....

          Looking forward to hear from you.




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            I'll drive any format and any style when it comes to D124. Drove for a few hours this past weekend at my buddy's house. 4 guys with different classes of cars, some with magnets and others without, and one with a hopped up motor and others without. We just had fun driving...even without beer