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More cool stuff from my euro scrounging

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  • More cool stuff from my euro scrounging

    I found D124 white body kits for the C6R Corvette and the Porsche GT3 RSR

    apparently these were another Carrera Club exclusive offer

    I have a Corvette livery picked out to match the 1:1 Corvette we ran in the Rolex 24 in 2006-7

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    Yes, for years the Carrera Club is offering white kits. How much did you pay for them on the free market? I think these were less than 10 euro in the Club. I still have some 1:24 Panoz bodies laying around somewhere that cost me 5,95 Euro!

    A club membership is 10 euro a year so you could save big time!


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      The problem is the club needs a Euro address. I have everything sent to Ingolstadt Germany. Those kits are nice.



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        I'm sorry to read this. Maybe Carrera North America could help out?

        I've checked the German Ebay (Carrera Rohkarosse) and some prices are really thru the roof, you're better of buying a car and respraying it.


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          I paid 33 euro each for these 2 - definitely on the outrageous side - only made sense if I was ordering other stuff anyway and combining shipping. It is a lot of work to strip one all the way down - they really are the best way to do a custom.

          The Carrera Club EC residency requirement is definitely a frustration for those of us in the rest of the world.

          Maybe I need to be Bruce's long lost cousin from Ingolstadt and use his in-laws address

          even if i'm not ordering or shipping anything it would be nice to have a logon to see what's going on there - we can't even do that without a valid EC mailing address



          Thanks LowlandRider for the tip on Carrera Rohkarosse - i had just been surfing the main German eBay page - my wife will not be very happy about this
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            So the club kit cars are all discontinued. They don't do them anymore now from what I understand. We were never able to bring them into NA because they were reserved as a benefit of being in the Club in German.