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Tonight's edition of "why didn't I think of that 4 years ago?"

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  • Tonight's edition of "why didn't I think of that 4 years ago?"

    I've been trying out my new Frankenslot wireless controllers and when I was swapping them in and out I kept bumping into the interference you get having 2 wireless controllers programmed on the same channel at the same time. At first I was just reprogramming the stock controller to a channel I wasn't currently running to clear the channel for the FS controller. That wouldn't work once I got all 6 FS controllers up and running. The right way to do it would be to just turn the switch off but the Carrera controllers don't have one - so I ended up taking the bottom cover off to disconnect the battery. That got old pretty quick - probably because I must have taken those covers off 100 times trying to sort out the issue with the first batch of wireless 2.4 controllers 4 years ago

    So I started looking at how I might put a switch in. I drilled a hole in the bottom cover plate and was looking at fitting a sliding switch from a scrap analog board. Then it occurred to me that all I really needed to do was make it easier to reach the connector to unplug the battery.

    and so here is the "why didn't I think of that 4 years ago?" solution in pictures:

    I opened up the hole in the cover to 1/2 inch with a unibit - that's big enough to make it easy to fish the connector out and small enough that it would stay put when I tucked it back in.



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    you are a genious