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  • Carrera 124 Corvette Question

    I have a Carrera Exclusive Corvette 2006 C6R (21841)/(20204) with a Motor simply labeled CF9V. Is there anyone willing to give me the specs on this motor? Yeah, I did purchase it new cause I like the Vette and it was the first 124 Carrera I purchased. I'm in the process of moving to another apartment but I can't take sitting still when I want to do something so I took the car apart and lubed it and took the side play out of the rear axle, also took the time to pop it all apart and make sure all of the parts were securely glued, like the windshield wasn't glued in properly and I wanted to glue all of the parts in place that needed to stay in place. Still need to shim the front axle play out of it but the thing sounds really quiet and hope it runs great. I just don't have any data or even using search find any on the FK180 motor. I measured the motor and it has the motor tabs a little farther in shorter than the normal FK180 Motor. I don't know if ALL 124 motors are like this or not but it was a good learning tool. Now IF I can only decipher the motors in the several Carrera cars that I have and a couple spare ones CK5K, etc.
    Does Carrera have a motor Numerical serial Number ID or are the numbers are these processing numbers like LOT Numbers when Produced?
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    This is all the information on Carrera 1/24th motors that we have in the 'motor list.'

    Carrera 1/24 “gold” tested 9,500/12v
    Carrera 1/24 "silver" [12,000 RPM/12v] 18,000 RPM/18v; tested 12,100 RPM/12v, 18,675 RPM/18v
    Carrera 1/24 Tuning "silver" [16,000 RPM/12v] 24,000 RPM/18v

    I hope that helps.