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Tire size for Carrera cars.

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  • Tire size for Carrera cars.

    I have searched but can not find the size of the tires for these Carrera cars.

    1. Carrera LaFerrari - #30665
    2. Carrera Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG -#30640
    3. Carrera Porsche 918 Spyder - #30711

    I am looking to buy some different tires and do not know what size to order.
    If you could let me know what size to order or the part numbers of the correct sizes.

    Thank you.

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    Silicone or urethanes? What problems are you having with the stock rubber?



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      This isn't as simple as it sounds. At least that's what I've found.

      super tires, Indy grips have tire charts but you have to hunt and peck to find your car. Paul Gage has a real slick (pun intended) tire size selector if you are wanting to find tires that fit and not necessarily the actual sizes.

      Paul Gage tire selector:

      Super tires is just sort of hunt and peck but they have the actual sizes listed in OD & width in inches and mm.

      Indy grips/maxxtrac has a chart as well.

      Hotslots has links to both IG & ST charts:

      Also, most online retailers, if you click on a particular car, they will have an "often purchased with" category below that typically specifies aftermarket tires for that car.

      But you mentioned actual dimensions and the super tires chart is a good one for getting that information.

      Just FYI, I've gone back to running stock carrera tires on mine. I use a rubber tire oil on them to keep the soft and sticky. Keeping the tires and track super clean resolved most of my tire issues.

      Also, Carrera website and Hotslots site have a Carrera part list document, again you have to scroll through and find your car but once you do, it has the part numbers for replacement parts including tires but I don't recall it having actual sizes.

      P.S. I have two of those cars and had Indy grips IG4202 on the LaFerrari and Maxtrac M40X on the 918
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        Problem is that I didn't notice it at first, but one of the tires was rubbing up against the body. So now there is a cut in the tire. Since I need replacement tires, I wanted to try another type of tire. Silicone and urethane. Experiment.

        I have checked those web sites listed and was not able to find the listed for my cars. I don't know the size to buy. If I could find out the dimensions to use then I could order the correct tire size. I didn't want to guess.

        Thanks for your help.


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          I checked the slot car corner website and found all 3 cars on the Paul Gage tire selector. The selector is on the PGT tire page.



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            on the PG selector all the tires are for 132 or 124 size cars?

            Or all the hubs are the same diameter?

            sorry for the newbie questions, trying to learn.


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              PGT has tires for 1/32 scale and 1/24 scale .
              There is a difference it tire sizes from scale to scale and car to car.
              I've asked in email for help from Paul himself.
              Slotcar corner has a pretty useful chart too. I'd post a link if it was allowed.


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                The best tool one can buy to resolve tire dimension queries is a $20 digital caliper. Then the wheels/tires can be measured and the correct size tires sourced.

                Carrera cars are either made in or from Germany. So a good place to start would be a German slot car site! Remember old British sports cars? A lot of them had Overdrive. ( As my mother used to say "A nod is as good as a wink, to a blind man")

                Or Here
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                  That's what I did, I used my caliper to messure the hub and the original tires, I did notice the PG tires recommended for my cars are a couple millimeters smaller than the originals, I'm guessing when they're mounted on the hubs the will strech a bit and don't slip on the hub.