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Disappointed with my Di Slot system

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  • Disappointed with my Di Slot system

    I recently purchased the two lane timing system for my Carrera track and I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with this product.
    First of all, the light bridge was broken out of the box. The top had separated so I had to epoxy the seams together and re-solder the connections. To add insult to injury, the set came with a European power supply. Really??

    RickyBobby #26

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    The power supply come with a European Plug

    All you need is an adapter.

    This supply is much more affordable than the alternative which was Radio Shack, and has the needed 3 Amps.

    In our Store we list the DS-0051 as requiring an adapter to convert to US spec plugs.

    At $19.99 the supply is very good value.

    Regarding a broken Light Bridge, I know my Dad stands behind DS products 100%. They come in a very solid box, was the box damaged in shipping?
    The light bridge is a delicate item, but easily repaired, as it is soldered together.

    If your supplier can not help you we will.
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      DS-0051 Power supply

      S19.99 plus you need to source an adapter, a more affordable supply than the one many recommend for a DS Counter, and has the required 3 amps.
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        Originally posted by View Post
        S19.99 plus you need to source an adapter, a more affordable supply than the one many recommend for a DS Counter, and has the required 3 amps.

        I have the DS300 pro and was told by the shop I bought my stuff from that the other brand was ok to use. Is this not true? I got it from the local shack per the part # I was given from the hobby shop I purchased it at, they did not sell the ds but they sold the other brand. I have used my DS-300 pro for 2-3 years now with no problems just wanted to check this out


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          My DS-300 and light bridge for carrera work very well. My DS-300 did not come with any power supply, but I knew that when i bought it. I just purchased a wall-wart power supply and it does the job fine. I also had a light bridge problem, when my first light bridge arrived, one of the lanes did not work. I returned it and the replacement works great. It has worked great now for 4~5 years.

          I would just return the broken bridge and get an inexpensive power supply.


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            DS Timers need 3 Amps to work correctly.

            Many years ago I sourced a Radio Shack supply as DS did not sell a 110 volt supply to use in North America.

            While this supply will work with a Standard DS set up 2 lanes ( 1 Amp ) if you add Driver stations ( aka Stop and Go boxes ) the extra power required to run the relays can create problems.

            On a Multi lane DS system with Stop and Go boxes you need 10 - 12 volts 3 amps.

            If you run with a lower amp supply without Stop and Go boxes you are probably OK up to 4 lane but not after that.

            The reason is amperage available. What happens on a DS timer with too lower amp supply is the beep will come on constant, timing will not always be accurate, and you may experience other operation issues not seen with the correct amount of power.

            The DS system has been amazingly reliable over the 16 years I have been involved with them, and as my daughter posted last year to respond to the original post we stand behind the product 100 %.

            If you ever have a DS timer fail send it back to us we will service, repair and or replace to new condition no charge.
            Alan Smith
            SCI Owner.



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              well that clears that up. I have the one you sold and with 4 lanes have never had a issue I just was afraid of hurting it


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                I have had my 4 lane DS lightbridge and timing system now since 2004....not one problem in 7 years....and sometimes the system is on for 10 hours at a time! Well worth the money. I also have a 2 lane system that gets used on my portable track. Both systems have worked perfectly since new.....I also use the wall wart from R.S. I didn't know there was a powersupply available from D.S.


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                  To clarify regarding Power for a DS system.

                  If you are not using a Stop and Go box then a DS300/334 with a light bridge will function on a Radio shack 1 amp power supply.
                  This is what I have also used for many years.
                  The issue is when using the complete DS system, so hooking up Stop and Go Boxes with their relays to control track power, you then need the 3 Amps to run the system reliably. Without 3 amps it will not damage the timers, but often you can get quirks like a beep that stays on or even odd lap times, something that I have never seen with a DS system run with enough power.

                  As well as amperage it is important not to over voltage the units, 10 - 12 volts is all that is required.

                  I have left ( accidentally ) my DS system on for over 3 weeks and still works fine (I went to England and forgot to turn it off before leaving ) They have always been great timers for me. I have been working with them since 1995 and they are a great company to work with.

                  We service all DS timers and all their other products as well such as Drivers Stations ( controller Hook Ups ) and Stop and Go Boxes. Drag Strip Timers and of course Witec Controllers.

                  See you at the races.

                  Alan Smith
                  SCI Owner.