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Issues with individual control when using a DS-300 and DS stop go boxes.

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  • Issues with individual control when using a DS-300 and DS stop go boxes.

    I have a very strange issue I am trying to turn on mode 4 as detailed in the manual, or any of the other modes when I use individual controll.

    LAP programmed racing with time in "OFF" and
    The start is free, when the racer wants, the lap counter give
    power to the track showed with a blinking "----" in the displays
    just after the start / stop key push. After it the red light is on for
    few seconds (NOT COUNTING laps if crosses, and if it is the
    driver gets penalized with the complete lap), When red light is
    over will start counting time when a car cross for first time the
    sensor, starting to count the fist lap at the first cross.
    Power on track allow to verificate the correct running of the car
    before starting the race and to do a more real start. All the cars
    will stop one after the other while they reach the total
    programmed laps. Race total time is showed on all lanes, blinking
    the winning lane. If some of the cars are retired the race director
    must stop the race (start/stop key), this car will not have total
    race time.
    Usefull for Rallye-slot and hillclimbing.
    Start-stop functions will only work when "Pro Stop and go box"
    (DS.61) is connected to the lap counter.

    I have the dual relay stop go box and they are setup with the correct polarity going into the box from the PSU

    I setup a simple oval with 2 lanes runing anti clockwise and it worked, I then setup a 4 lane running anti clockwise and that works also. ie each car stops when it has completed its laps in turn.

    However when I swap the leads over (the ones that come out of the side of the unit which connect to the track) to run clockwise I have an issue.

    The race starts ok, but not long after starting cars 2 and 4 stop and there is no power to these lanes, 1 and 3 will keep going and finish the race.

    Now I understand the difference between common ground and positive ground and why this is important for an electronic controller, but I am using standard parma controllers and I would have thought that it doesn't matter which lead goes to which rail as the controller will always see the correct polarity.

    anyone have any ideas as to why this may be the case

    Oh am using the light bridge and not the dead strip as I know this only counts in one direction.

    Can anyone else replicate this and have I missed somthing?


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    To clarify.

    What type of Power Supply are you using to power your DS units?

    How long after the start do lanes 2 and 4 switch off?

    Will this also do this on a 2 lane circuit?
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      I am using a variable PSU (not DS) 3-25v 40A

      Lanes 2 and 4 cut off after about half a lap (they cross the start line) but don't imediatly stop.

      I have also notice that the lap counter doesn't think their race is over (will count laps if you break the beam)

      It does still repeat on a 2 lane and 6 lane, is always the even lanes



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        OK but to clarify again.

        What are you powering the DS Units with.

        I hope not a variable power supply. They need constant power at least 3 amps 10 volts to work properly.

        How long does this problem take to show up ? Is it consistent or at a different time each time. Will it show up on a Timing system with only one relay box running ( 2 lane track )?

        So it is only the relays that are switching off right?.

        Awaiting more answers from you.

        In particular how you are powering the DS Units.
        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.



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          Sorry, didn't read you question correctly, I am using a switch mode 12v 5a PSU

          Not sure if it is the same time, will check. I does show with 2 lanes, ie one relay box

          yes it is only the relays that are cutting out, the lap counter still counts the laps, even on the lanes where there is no power