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Professor Motor controller not working with stop go boxes

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  • Professor Motor controller not working with stop go boxes

    I'm in the final stages of building my new routed track and this time around I bought a pair of stop and go boxes to use with my DS300 system.

    I did some testing tonight with one of my PM controllers that I just changed over to banana plugs.

    The controller was originally supplied with a stereo jack suitable for ninco/scalextric and is for negative polarity.

    Unfortunately I found when I put a car on the lane with the system switched on I got full throttle when the PM controller was at idle or full trigger pull, and nothing in between.

    Is it a polarity problem? The wires are correctly connected to the banana plugs as far as I can see. Very frustrating as you can imagine. Any information on what the problem might be would be most welcome especially as I'm supposed to be hosting a race night next week...

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    Problem solved thank goodness!!!

    I decided to switch around the leads and it worked. The red wire on the PM goes to the red terminal on the DS box, but the white wire goes to the black and vice versa. Once I switched them around they worked perfectly which was a big relief I can tell you! (I've had enough teething problems already with this new track!). Just as well I have lots of red, white and black electrical tape too, so no plug changing needed either!


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      Glad you got your wiring sorted out.

      I know the Professor Motor controllers work with DS stop 'n' go boxes because I've just had the opportunity to see about 100 different racers using them at the Spanish Championships in Igualada. In fact the Professor Motor controller is a controller of choice for many of the rally racers. They are impressive to watch. They fly around the courses absolutely hammering the trigger in rapid fire motions.

      The DS stop 'n' go boxes let the racers hook up very fast, without hooking up incorrectly. Really an impressive line up of products.