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best laptime software for ds-200

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  • best laptime software for ds-200

    Hi all,

    Sorry for the bad english from Holland.
    I have bought a ds-200 last week and all works ok.
    Now i wondered which free laptime software is the best in combination with de DS-200?
    Already have a adapter to USB.

    Thx for the help.

    Grt Leenroc

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    Hi Leenroc,

    Here also from the netherlands, so forgive the spelling mistakes.
    i have a ds-300 system and installed pclapcounter, it is not free, but i think i has that many possibilities when you like to set up races with multiple guests and eventually also a whole championship.

    My setup is a 4 track scalextric sport layout, connected with a ds-300, stop and go box pro, phidget board, and a 8 port relais board.
    With 4 switches (1 per lane) i can switch the power on or of (shortcut the relais for pclapcounter). So i'm even to race without computer and use only the ds-300 box for timing.