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Polarity Question with DS system

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  • Polarity Question with DS system

    This may be a silly question but i am trying to make sure I understand the way the DS is supposed to work. I am uising the DS-300 with DS-334 and DS-356. I have 3 DS-0061 stop and go boxes and 3 Variable power supplies (1 for each lane pair)

    My question is what is the Track polarity when using this setup. i am using Ninco track, however I used the direct power tap tracks (professer motor and DS) It seems to me it should be "Positive" but since I use simple Parma Economy controllers it is hard to tell for sure. I only have experience with this setup so that is the reason for the question. We tried a Ninco "Tron" electronic controller out and it burned it up in a few minutes. On my second attempt with a cheaper Ninco electronic controller it works in "Reversed Polarity" mode when connecting the stock Banana plug jumper (converts the 1/4in to Red/Wht/Black) to the appropriate color connectors on the stop and go.

    We are trying to add standard alligator clip style connection points at the driver stand and I want to make sure I know what polarity to tell the drivers.


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    Ours is Positive

    Our track at Sling Shot Speedway, a 6 lane ninco, uses DS timing
    -ds300 base module
    -ds334 lane 3 and 4 module
    -ds356 lane 5 and 6 module
    -ds0056 light bridge
    -ds0021 stop n go boxes
    -ds 0100 controller adapters (wired to post terminals on the driver station, from slot car corner)
    -radio shack power supply for the ds300
    -MG power supplies, 1 for each lane, from professor motor

    And it is Positive Polarity. Professor Motor controllers with Positive Polarity are standard equipment for rentals.
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      "This may be a silly question....."

      Not silly. I do believe you've got it wired 'Positive' polarity but I am not about to swear to it.
      NINCO powerbases are wired negative so by switching the NINCO controller to 'reverse polarity' it should be set to 'positive'. I think.

      Let me think about this one. Or have Alan think about it.