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    Trying to fit the 2 finger trigger to my WiTec and was wondering how many washers there should be?

    Is it one at the screw head,one between trigger and circuit board and one between nut and trigger?

    Something fell on the floor!! Never to be found and I'm not certain if it was a washer or my imagination!

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    I can have a look in about an hour, I did find a bit of flash on the two finger unit that caused the metal finger to slightly touch the cover over the sensors so I slightly tweaked the metal finger.
    I drove in a 4 hour enduro yesterday, all the DiFalco owners were getting a cramped finger!
    Love the trigger on the Witec!


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      Just looked at the sequence. The screw has a washer under the head then is inserted through the back side of the PCB, the metal trigger bushing is against the PCB, the second washer goes under the lock nut and secures the trigger assembly. Let me know if you need a photo.


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        Thanks Bob. That's what I thought but I guess I'll have to work on it as I couldn't get the action smooth enough without the action being loose


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          Did you resolve the issue?


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            Will find out tonight if I have the right action or not Have a back up controller just in case.


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              So I have been using the Witec for 19 months and I've not been easy on it, at times even running an occassional flexi race with Falcon 7 motors. The unit continues to perform flawlessly. This past March during the MI 24 race, the light trigger action was effortless to use during the 48 minute heats. The brake performance continues to impress me and the TTS (True Trigger Speed) feature is a real plus especially racing on silicone tires. If you have been looking for a better controller to race 1/32 or 1/24 Scale Auto or BRM cars the Witec is a great choice!