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DS Light Bridge capabilities

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  • DS Light Bridge capabilities

    My question(s) center on wiring and capabilities, in that (1) My timing software program does not support a visual indicator that a detection was made, creating doubt over missed laps. (2) I have a need for a sensor detection to operate a snap switch machine.

    Can I use the existing Light Bridge wiring (Pin1 & Pin3 of Din Jack) that goes to Phidget to ALSO connect to a Arduino to trigger a secondary device? Not to power the device but as the sensor detection signal?

    For additional clarification the visual indicator would be an LED powered via the Arduino (lasting about 3 sec) upon a Lap being detected. The other device (snap switch) is a model railroad turnout used for controlling movement of an arm.

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    Is the lack of a reply over the last 5 days due to a poorly asked question or in an inappropriate section? Enough people have seen the post and I can't understand a reluctance to offer an opinion even though what I'm asking is not normally done or thought of.

    The DS (0036 Carrera) Light bridge does not come with documentation, or access to the company for questioning. I understand they may not have been designed as stand alone (detection) solutions, but to be used in association with another DS product for timing results. However they do function very well in that capacity. I use it in conjunction with a Phidget to get the signal into the computer which the software has no problem in interpreting as a lap detection.

    What I'm trying to determine is if that signal is sufficient in intensity to be split (for lack of better terms) to be also used simultaneously as an input for another purpose, preferably on another interface (Arduino vice Phidget). I do not have the knowledge or equipment to measure the signal intensity, or what the limits required are. Are they set by the output from the Light Bridge, or the input interface(s)? I'm just trying to save $60-$75 and a requirement to mount a second Light Bridge at virtually the same spot. Any and all help would be appreciated, because as I said I'd like to save the cost of another light bridge... and especially if I need to replace one because I destroyed it by experimenting.


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      another option

      I went this route, not an answer to your exact question, just another option


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        DS Light Bridge designed to work with the DS systems.

        I can help with any issues on a DS System, however once you move to phidget boards I do not have the expertise to give you an answer.
        I know PC Lap Counter uses the DS Bridges with their system but as this Forum is for DS it is probably not the best place to ask this question.
        I will do all I can to help but this application is outside of the support DS can offer.
        If you need specifications I will check with the factory, but you need to know what information you need, they cannot answer as to use with other components.

        Sorry I am not more help call me directly if you need to speak further on this subject 1-253-255-1807.
        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.



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          Mis-understood category, might be better named "DS Racing Systems" vice "products". The light bridge is a DS component (DS-0036 Carrera Two Lane Light Bridge) and thought its capabilities would be known even if not used with their interface. Anyway the units function flawless when connected to a Phidget 1012 using both RC and UR30 software. My reason for the post was wanting to assign it an additional duty.