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  • Wiring help

    I have amassed more Scalextric 1/24 scale 3 lane Scalextric track than I can really use, but enough to provide some flexibility as I lay out something that fits my limited space.

    Need some assistance in the RMS wiring.

    I have the two DS300's that are sensor for up to 4 lanes.

    I have a regulated adjustable power supply on the way.

    I have the appropriate cabling to connect the DS 300 to a current laptop that only has USB connections.

    I have downloaded onto said laptop PC Lapcounter RMS.

    I have a phidgett 0/0/4, which has 4 relays built into the board.

    I have appropriate cabling to attach the phidget to a USB port on the laptop.

    Pretty sure I can reason through hooking up the DS 300's to the track via deadstrip. Have done that on plastic and mdf layouts in the past.

    Question about wiring the phidget. I'm not able to find any clear instructions on how to do that. I assume the phidget is wired between the power supply and the track? If I'm using the RMS to turn on/turn off the power to all lanes as a heat begins/ends, or for a track call, I only need to run the line through ONE of the four terminals/relays on the phidget?

    Any help would be appreciated into how to wire the phidget.


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    Cannot comment on the RMS but I would recommend that the Phidget be wired to power a relay with a higher current rating. This way if there is a short circuit the Phidget card contacts do not see the fault current and are protected against damage.


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      I now have PC lapcounter RMS.

      DS300 for lanes 1 through 3 of my Scalex 3 lane 1/24 scale track.

      Just getting it going.

      Using phidget 0/0/4.

      My DS300 isn't 'talking' to my PC Lapcounter.

      The DS300 is counting laps/tracking time on all three lanes.

      PC Lapcounter, through the phidget, is turning power on/off to the track as set in the race settings. All inter-heat times work as set.

      But no laps/times are coming over from the DS300 to the laptop/PC Lapcounter.

      The DS300 is connected to my laptop through an RS232 to USB converter cable.

      What am I missing?


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        Have you tried their forum at


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          Originally posted by Maddman View Post
          Have you tried their forum at

          Yup, got it figured out, thanks.


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            I found broken pins on RS232 mount to DS 30 box. now works like it supposed to.