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DS-0128 controller sensitivity pot ohms?

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  • DS-0128 controller sensitivity pot ohms?

    Can anyone share how many ohms the pot is rated on the DS-0128 controller?

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    Call Alan at 253 564 1445 I am sure he knows.


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      In Egland right now but if memory is correct 35 ohms.

      I have replaced the brake pots on DS-0128 Controllers with 25 ohm and we have stock of those.
      I think the original pots were 35 ohm but 25 ohm works fine.
      Not in the office right now as visiting my brother in England for his 60th birthday.

      Will be back in the office after May 12th.

      I am probably the only one who knows where the pots are so if ordering they are not going to ship till then.
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        Sorry I was not specific. I am looking for the ohms of the Sensitivity pot, not the brake pot.


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          If you can see the back side of the case there is a code stamped on it. In the middle of that is an R and that is followed by a two digit number. The two digit number is followed by a number that represents a power of 10. If the number after the R is 250 that would be 25 ohms, if it was 251 it would be 250 ohms.
          If you don't adjust the pot on a regular basis the guts will get corroded and the controller will not work properly. Usually you can spray some contact cleaner inside of the pot and twist the knob back and forth to fix that. The fix won't work if the pot got burned up somehow. In any case get in the habit of working the sensitivity control every time you use the controller.
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