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Issue with DS PM-2 Controller

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  • Issue with DS PM-2 Controller

    Wonder if anyone has any experience with this and can point me in the right direction. I appear to be having issues with my PM-2 adjustable controller that I have now started to try and use to replace my standard Carrera controllers and reap the benefits everyone says can be gained from the adjustable controllers. But am pretty sure now the controller has issues.

    What is happening is that I will be running laps and then the car will stop dead for 2-3 seconds before it will resume driving. If the car has lights you will see the lights go on and off as you pull the trigger, but no movement from the car during that 2-3 seconds. This happens on a good many cars - primarily Carrera. I switched to the ordinary Carrera analogue controllers and a normal DS controller, both work with the same cars fine and have no issues at all. But the adjustable DS controller can not run the same cars for more than a half dozen laps before the issue surfaces again.

    Is it possible some type of circuit protection in the controller when perhaps a more power thirsty motor draws too much current?

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    Contact Alan at


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      Please contact us diect numbers below

      Please call me to discuss, I am the Importer for DS and we are happy to help you with any problems.
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.