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Suzuka layout for N-Digital

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  • Suzuka layout for N-Digital

    Someone mentioned Suzuka to me in another thread. So I figured I'd see what I could do in Tracker for N-Digital. Soon as I find a parts list I'll post it and tell you what it would cost to build. I'm thinking under a grand for the master set, conversion kit, pit lane, a few outer curves, and half a dozen cars. You might be able to build the table for that too.

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    Nice layout. Is the green area 16x4 or much larger?


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      Originally posted by attic_racer View Post
      Nice layout. Is the green area 16x4 or much larger?
      Nicely done.

      Looks like the green area is about 24' x 5'. Probably need to go an extra foot wide to support the bits that are overhanging.



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        It's 20 X 4'. I thought that by hanging that hairpin off the front it would be kinda cool. It gives you the option to add a couple straights there. Also, depending on how the pitlane and powerbase need to be setup, you could pull a half straight from that area an change the full straight off of turn 2 in front of the s'es into a half straight. That'd pull the whole circuit in 7 inches. I don't think you can do this with a multilane setup because it would take up too much space. Even 4 lanes would push this out to 24 X 8. That's what has me excited about digital, up to 8 racers without the need or added expense of a multilane track. I think this may convert a lot of HO racers.


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          Need to swap Power Console

          Suzuka goes CCW, so you will need to swap your Power console "straight" around. Remember that Ninco is "directional" (not sure why Ninco calls it CW as anything can be made to run CW as it is purely a "direction")
          Or put the powerbase on the inside with the cable running underneath?

          Very nice lay-out otherwise.

          Will you be using the same 20 by 4 space for the other F1 circuits?


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            Since Suzuka is F1gure 8, half the circuit is run CW, the other half CCW. I have seen a few different angles of the circuit including some which have the circuit flipped over from what I have represented above. Nonetheless I have the direction correct and the powerbase and pit area where they would be on the actual circuit, or at least to semi acurately reproduce the actual circuit. I had to "bend" the circuit a bit to make it easier to fit in someone's basement or garage. I'm also going to check on it, but I don't think there is much to buy if someone has the Digital master set and wants to make this circuit. Just a couple R3's and R4's.


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              I know this is a little late, but here is a Suzuka made from just a Mastertrack and the Pitlane. It measures 17 x 6.5 feet. I also included a 4 laner just for kicks. I have several versions of this that vary from 24 x 8 to 26 x 12 feet, just in case I suddenly get rich and buy a house with a giant basement.


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                so.... my question would be - if I have a 27' (could go a tad longer) by 6' wide table - and with a HUGE amount of N-digital - what would be the closest replica of suzuka i could build. As I use a mac (i know... I know...) and all the good track design software does not work - I was hoping someone would have a design in Ninco that would be close. I could work off Gibroni's one though


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                  4 lane track

                  I really like your 4-lane track plan . Could you let me know which colour correspondens to which Ninco track peace.

                  Many thanks in advance


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                    This is the data from NINCO's Trackmap Plus software:

                    WORLD-SUZUKA [ WORLD-SUZUKA.cir ]
                    Measurements: 5.19 x 2.14 m.
                    Development: 16.13 m.
                    Lane 1=16.13 m. Lane 2=16.13 m.
                    NECESSARY TRACKS:
                    #### > Nš Ref.
                    [ 0001 ] > 10101 S. Connections
                    [ 0015 ] > 10102 Standard straight
                    [ 0002 ] > 10103 20 cm. straight
                    [ 0002 ] > 10104 10 cm. straight
                    [ 0010 ] > 10105 Standard curve
                    [ 0020 ] > 10106 Inside curve
                    [ 0003 ] > 10107 Outside curve
                    [ 0013 ] > 10108 Super-Outside curve
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