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Acceptable Track Environment Temps?

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  • Acceptable Track Environment Temps?

    What is the known acceptable temperature range for Ninco track? What are the high temp and low temp you can use the track in before it buckles or cracks? I was unable to find this type information on the Ninco website.

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    Hi Tremelle and welcome,

    Good question

    I'm not sure what they are rated at - all I do know is that I had left some pieces of track on a table which had direct summer sun on it for a few hours around midday. They were #$%^ HOT!

    The metal parts were almost to hot to touch and the plastic had that melting smell! Took them out of the sun and few minutes later they were as good as new, no buckling!

    Wouldn't try that with LCs or Control Base though! Motors might also overheat in the direct sunlight

    Cant tell you about cold - it doesn't get below about 10 deg C here ever!

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      I ask these question because I am considering building an outdoor track on my patio, on a table. The layout would be covered when not in use.


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        I believe you emailed me with this question.

        NINCO track is designed for indoor use. Aside from potential buckling from direct sunlight in the summer; The power track & connections are not weatherproof; the rails are not stainless steel and wouldn't appreciate being rained on too often.

        Think Red!



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          Track Temp.

          Well we had a couple of days the thermometor hit 34 this week (92 F for you guys in the States) That was outside.

          Our clubrooms are in a freestanding garage with no ceiling or insulation in the roof other than building paper. The first guy in on Wednesday said it was "somewhat warm" until he opened the main garage door and let Mercury, Alpha Centauri and a few plummeting pieces of space junk exit for final destination. The track didn't show any signs of buckling or distorting, so it is quite stable under ambient heat. Direct sunlight might be a lot more provocative though.