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Which cars are most equally matched?

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  • Which cars are most equally matched?

    I have been experimenting with several of my cars to find out which ones are most compatible with n-digital and to decide which series of cars our racing group will use for our weekly races. After several successes and some disappointments, I think we are leaning towards the Ninco GT series of cars as our racing class (Toyota Supra, Honda NSX, Nissan 350Z, and maybe the Ferrari 360 kit cars). We have about 12 to 15 guys racing, so it would be nice to have a variety to pick from but still be competitive.

    I was wondering what other people think about how equal these cars are, or if they have other suggestions for a class.

    We are probably going to purchase new cars to make up the series so any input would be appreciated.

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    I'd say those cars are very compatible. If you're going to run them box stock, I'd say it couldn't hurt allowing the Meganes to be included along with the Mosler. You could run them no-magnet also, but from my experience, the Mosler is a more stable car and gives a slight advantage over the others.

    You could always run NASCARS. Those are always fun.


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      those four and the Mosler would make a good race.


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        Hi Goliath

        I would say the Moslers actually have a bit of an unfair advantage. Due to the longer flatter design they handle like a dream and are a lot more forgiving than any of the other cars you have mentioned.

        The NSX and the 350Zs are a lot closer matched with the NSX the faster of the two. I have managed to get the NSX up to about 1-2 tenths off the Mosler on a 4.7s lap track (long straights) but it takes a lot more skill that with the Moslers.

        Why not have a "Mosler League" (I've seen them in at least 4 liveries) for the less skilled or use a handicap system that only allows the weaker guys to use Moslers?


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          The four cars run in the national qualifier in Atlanta were really a good match: Megane, Supra, NSX, 350Z.

          I took the World Cup Mosler with me to Cincinnati, because Ray said he'd let me run it in the regional as a tune-up for Italy, while everybody else would be restricted to those other four. I took one practice lap with the Mosler and said "totally unfair advantage" and parked it. I went back to the Supra.

          I'll know more about the Ferrari 360's tonight -- I just finished my kit. Woo hoo!


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            Welcome to SCI.

            Nice to see another Iowa racer here.
            You have any pics of your track?



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              Thanks for reminding me, Terry -- welcome to the board!

              You know, the Ferrari 360's could easily be in a class by themselves, like the Ferrari 360 Challenge races. The kits are blank bodies, so you can decal them how you want. The cars are a blast to run, too.

              A Mosler class would work well, a Ninco Classic class would be fun, and also a Ninco LMP class would be great. There are several BMW LMP cars to choose from with the NC-2 motor. Ninco Porsche 934's would be a hoot -- fun cars to drive.

              And if you haven't tried the trucks, they're very interesting to drive.


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                I appreciate all of the replies.

                Our group had been running 3 classes in analog mode. Scaletrix NASCARs, Scalextrix Trans Am (Camaros and Mustangs), and an old endurace class made up of Fly Porsches and GB Track Chevrons. When I chipped the NASCARs, they ran flat out almost all the way around the track. The main problem is that they have so much down force with the magnets that they would come to a stop when you run low on fuel in pit stop mode, and you could not get back to the pits to refuel. It was the same story with the Trans Ams. Our group of racers are used to running off-the-shelf cars with magnets, so selling them on no magnets would be hard (in fact, I end up doing most of the maintenance for everyone). The Porsches and the Chevrons work fine, but they are alittle dated and don't handle quite as well as my Mosler. The fact that the Ninco cars are very easy to chip give them an advantage also.

                Anyway, thanks for the input. I will try to post a picture of my track. I am hoping to get the lane changer for lanes 2 and 3 so I can run all four of the lanes. Has anyone heard when that section will be available?


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                  The multi-lane changer has been put on hold, but I'm not sure of the new time frame.

                  NINCO and Scalextric track have a lot of iron in the rails -- it doesn't take much magnet to stick a car to the track. If you're using Scalextric or other cars with bar mags, it could be worthwhile to shim the magnets a bit farther from the track surface.


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                    Don't forget the AW BMW M3, they run with those others, even the NC-2 versions if you switch the gears to the red 2.67:1 set.


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                      Here are just a couple of pictures of my setup. When we built this house last year, I thought this portion of the basement would be large enough, but you never can have too much room. The built-in display case worked out well though.

                      Thanks again for all the suggestions. I think we are now leaning towards an all Mosler class.


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                        Nice track. What is the lap length?
                        I just sold a Carrera Pro-X set that I barely used for a month. Decided to build a routed track instead. Only three cars can race at one time but its alot of fun.



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                          I recommend the Ninco GT cars - a wide variety of cars to choose from and all the cars are close enough in performance to run together. I haven't tried this yet but I am fairly certain that the Mosler will scoop cars out of the slot in a rear end collision due to the ramped front end. This is something to consider when running N-Digital.

                          Best regards,


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                            I'm afraid I don't know how long the track is. Actually, what is the best way to calculate that for a 4 lane track anyway?



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                              lap length

                              I used a 100' flexible tape and laid it in the slot and worked it around the track. I also marked my track every 12" for the proxy racers.