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what SuperGT car do you want?

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  • what SuperGT car do you want?

    As you all may know, some of the Ninco cars are painted to resemble the past years SuperGT cars.With the new year and the SuperGT season over what car do you think woud be the coolest to get in slot car version?

    How About the YellowHat 350Z?

    Or the Motul 350Z?

    What about the new Woodone new 350z?

    A new supra wouldn't be bad how about the Eclips Supra?

    The Sard Supra?

    Epson has a new NSX

    The drezza 350Z?

    The boMex NSX?

    Or how about Ninco makes a whole new car a Lexus 430sc?

    The Zent one is cool to

    So which car do you want to add to your toolbox?

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    If they were made, I'd definately take a Bomex NSX and the new Epson.


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      I myself like the boomex and the mobil 1 lexus if it would be anglewinder but the supras arn't that bad to.

      BOB how bout giving the people what they want


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        The Lexus is a very sharp car and there are several nice looking liveries.

        We need to hound Ninco (in Spain), not MRC if we want them.


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          Well put those fools on the phone.
          that bomex NSX is to good to pass up
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            I'd buy the Woodone 350Z in a milisecond.



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              The woodone 350Z is defanetly an improvement over the supra

              Also a new Mosler not that great but any new Mosler is a good Mosler

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                Bring on the Lexus!!!


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                  That's a hot lineup all the way around, but the Bomex NSX and the Eclipse Supra are my favorites. Hard to choose -- that's a nice list.


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                    I think it's time that we call NINCO and tell them what we want b4 they choose some ugly car.


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                      I'll take a Super GT MR-S, please!


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                        I'll second that MR-S!!


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                          definately the MR-S, and the Cusco Imprezza


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                            All great suggestions boys, but I would love to see the Mosler done in a few other JGTC liveries, check them out on this old post.

                            I also want to see someone do the Subaru STi in the JGTC livery, check it out here;

                            I would also love to see a couple more liveries of the Nissan Skyline GTR. Check out these liveries;

                            But most of all I want to see Maurizio and Slot.It build some Long Tail McLaren F1 GTR's in the JGTC liveries. I got my fingers crossed that at least one of these liveries will make it into production one day.

                            I would also love to see Ninco do up one of their Ferrari 360's in one or both of the JGTC liveries.

                            Thats about all that I want, but of course I will contiue to buy every SuperGT / JGTC car that any manufacturer release! I just love these cars!


                            Gordo Bond 007

                            in the mean time, here are a couple of cool little video clips that I found on YouTube, enjoy;


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                              Cool Vids - Gordo

                              Why do I feel like I'm watching the intro to Gran Tourismo 3 (the driving is similar....)

                              Cheers, Tony.