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  • A TRUE Super GT Car

    Ferrari 288 GTO... 2.8L V8, twin IHI Turbochargers, intercoolers, Weber Marelli Fuel Injection...(400bhp) although it resembles a 308 it s engine was mounted diffenrently and its wheelbase was 110mm longer (SMI Publications Vol 36 Issue 429, Page 26)...go NINCO!!! A NINCO Ferrari 250 275P, even a SCARAB would be exciting. A really nice 512 Long tail would be a dual car buyer for most of for the shelf (display only) and one for the track! I push NINCO only because I absloutely love how awesome the cars are out of the box. Sure you can buy upgrade components for many cars, but some of the manufactures are already making the car and selling it with the improved parts already on it. I believe NINCO will have great success in the USA and see more of it when they bring Le Mans into the picture with the upgraded components already on their cars. That being said and maybe a 4 lane timer like the new 2 lane (March 2007 Release) and we should be spending more money in NINCO's direction!!!

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    The 288 would be smokin'. The 308 looks like a cheap toy by comparison.


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      Other cars...

      I could think of other cars for NINCO to build besides Rally cars, perhaps they're so lucky they just don't want to put another chance out there. Still, there are several cars that are done to death that only they could make better. I LOVE the 250GTO, but have not purchased one yet. The NINCO 50348 PORSCHE 911 SC 1977 RED...AWESOME! A full racing car. Perhaps a few more Killer cars...A BMW, even a VW Karman Gia, Audi, Corvette... cars we find today on the LeMans Circuit. Maybe not just specialized cars. I'd love to have a Ferrari 250 GTO redone by NINCO. More cars like the red Porsche race ready with the race components, okay in kit form if they don't want to put them together. Aluminum/Magnesium wheels, nonferic(non-Magnetic front axels, perhaps brass, aluminum or CarbonFiber), PANOZ cars, Even a series of NASCARs since there are only several bodies to mes with mosds with. NINCO takes the time to do bodies right. THeir Porsche and thier production line allows them to make some of the best racing cars that American money can buy. Lets quit messing around with Magnetic cars and perhaps set a team of several people at NINCO on to design the cars to do only NON_Magnetic. let the magnet gurus, glue radar unit supermagnets to their cars if they wish to...Magnetrons or not... NINCO has a grat future in the United States, perhaps a team of engineers here, in Australia, Germany, Italy, only the best getting to be produced...maybe more than NINCO can handle but not the buyers and the racers...not to mention teh collectors.


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        I could think of other cars for NINCO to build besides Rally cars
        Hold on a minute there Bobba luey, Ninco Rally cars are MY FAVORITE cars to race, and I hope they continue making them and more of them, esp. the classics!!! (which they really don't do, but should)

        I have not enjoyed racing there GT cars as much (I'm sure I just havn't found the right tuning and tires), although I love the choices you have come up with, Unless it could be done with there classic style chasis, which is my second favorite.

        but props on the choices

        Ferrari 250 GTO re-issue
        Ferrari 288 GTO
        VW Karman Gia



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          I already have the SCX 288 GTO rally car (OK, should be a 308) that finished second in the 1982 Tour de Corse. But this would be a cool car.