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    hey guys,

    From what it sounds like, you are having trouble with the stationary guide flags. I had alot of trouble with my fly classic 911 staying on the track. What I did to cure this was (amung other things) drilled the guide flag mount out a little bit to accomodate the ninco spring guides. It works great, and that might solve your problem. I dont remember what bit size, but just try to find one that fits snuggly in the ninco guide mount.



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      Originally posted by JEFFBECKIS1 View Post
      I bought one and sold it the next day. The track is very technical with almost unturnable turns. You could not achieve very high speeds on track if you set it up like the layout suggest. I expanded my f-1 set to 45 ft and I am much happier with it. You get a lot of track but you get a lot of unuseable tight turns also.
      I agree, I just got the Ninco Master Raid, and it is sloooowww. I'm thinking of combining it with my other track to make it more usable. I got mine at Not all that happy with it as is. Never thought about selling it, but I haven't had it a week yet.
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        If you think it's too difficult maybe try a detuned power pack from professor motor. It's 12V instead of the Ninco 14V. That might make the cars a little easier to drive the tight rally course.