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  • How to Clean the track

    Hi to all,

    I would like to know how to clean my Ninco track. I am looking more in the area of the plastic it self. I bought a used track and it was sitting in a room for a while without anything to cover it. So there is a lot of dust and stain on it. With the advantage of having a surface that gives more traction to the car, it is also complicate for the cleaning. Would any of you guys has any suggestion for me.

    Thanks in advance.


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    to SCI! I would recommend starting with the mildest cleaner and see if that works - some warm water, a bit of dish soap and a toothbrush or soft nail brush should do a fine job on the rough surface of your Ninco track. Be sure to rinse with water. Do not tumble dry . If there are still some stains then try isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol, IPA, rubbing alcohol). You can get this at a drugstore but make sure it does not contain acetone. Again, after use, rinse with water.



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      Thanks Pete for your suggestion. My other concern would be will the water cause rust or corosion on the metal part of the track if water gets in contact with it ?

      Thanks in advance,



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        vacuum it with the brush attachment, spray dirty areas w/ window cleaner & rubbing alcohol (50/50), lightly scrub w/ some sort of soft brush, spray or brush w/ 91% rubbing alcohol & blow dry (no heat) the alcohol will speed the evaporation rate of any water left behind. if there is rust on the rails already, lightly buff w/ 400 or 600 grit black sandpaper. If you have a humid enviroment that the track will be in, treat the rails w/ Top Saver from Empire Mfg.


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          thanks to all.


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            use a lint roller first before you start to clean it. I use a lint roller on my track every day and it is the only way to go. Also great for cleaning tires


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              Got some questions about your suggestion.

              Do i really use window cleaner on the rails? I'm looking for a way to remove carbone on the rails, my tracks ar not actually dirty or stained

              I read " spray dirty areas w/ window cleaner & rubbing alcohol (50/50), lightly scrub w/ some sort of soft brush, spray or brush w/ 91% rubbing alcohol & blow dry"

              Do you mean use a mixture of 50% window cleaner and 50% of 91% rubbing alchohol or is 2 different mixtures you are talking about?

              Also doesn't the lint roller leave a layer of glue on the rails if you use it often? Leading to the need to clean your tracks even more?

              I have some inconsistent result with my system lately. some days it works just great and then the other cars are stopping allover the track.



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                Model railroaders use a hard rubber track cleaner to clean the rails. I bought one, but don't remember where. You could use a hard rubber eraser, but you want to get one that will not crumble.


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                  Hey guys,
                  Do not use anything abrasive on the rail!!!
                  NINCO Track Conditioner (80905A) is specially made for the job. It's less than $9.00.
                  You can also use rubbing alcohol from Walgreens, CVS, etc. JD of JD Model Raceway ( the 6-lane 457 foot NINCO track) uses WD-40 on a rag rapped around his fingers to clean the rails (not the plastic track).
                  Bottom line is .....use what works for you, but do not use any abrasive.... including the abrasive railroad track cleaners.

                  Think Red!



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                    Thanks bob, i'll see what the rubbing alchool does else i might try this track cleaner. I looked for it but they don't keep it in stock at my Montreal store.