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Kit #4 Curve radii?

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  • Kit #4 Curve radii?

    Does anyone out there, or Ninco Bob, have an Extension Kit #4?
    (Single Lane Rally Loop)

    Can you please tell me what the radii are for the 2 single lane curves included in the set?
    Also, are they exactly 1/2 the width of a 2 lane track?

    I cannot find the specs for them anywhere.

    The smaller one looks like the outside lane of a R1 curve,
    while the larger looks like the inside of a R2 curve.
    If so, then the smaller should fit exactly inside a R2 curve,
    while the larger should fit exactly outside and R1 curve.

    Any info is appreciated.

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    ding ding ding ding... we have a winner!

    You are correct, as illustrated by this quick "layout" I did in TrackMap...

    I am not sure about the exact width but by studying the area where the two curves join the straight section I would say the single lane width is pretty darn close to half width.

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      Pretty cool stuff. I'm guessing this is how Ninco made that long pit entry we see in the video that plays on their website.


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        Japanese website with pictures


        Type of curves used:



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          That's what I hoped.
          I've been playing with some more pitlane designs using these curves.
          I was also basing them on the 3 lane design in the Ninco video.
          I have a small space for my layout, about 10 x 5 feet.
          So, I am trying to squeeze my earlier multi-stop pit idea into it.

          I also tried another true 2 lane pit, but it is a bit of a monster.
          These all use 2 pitstop kits, a multilane kit, extension kit #4,
          plus various standard track pieces.

          The 2 lane pit requires switching one solenoid,
          and I am not sure about the length of the straight
          and how it will match the pitlane.

          Here's what I have so far.


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            Dear Badgerslot,

            Good ideas, I have already ordered, a second pit lane and a kit #4 last week, so I will up-date my track layout of 14' X 5' in a few weeks. I am still waiting for my replacement 105 console for the last 6 weeks!!!

            What is your track layout of 10' X 5' look like?

            Do you have any suggestions for a layout of 14' X 5' ?

            Thanks in advance



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              Is it possible to do a 3 lane loop using the parts from kit4 and a number of R1 and R2's?



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                At this time, I don't think so...but maybe...

                I don't think the powerbase will count laps on the third lane.

                Here's my best guess why.

                The pit lane, which is connected to the powerbase, only senses which car is in the pit.
                The powerbase and sensor track count laps, and have to be placed before the entrance or after the exit of the pit lane.
                If it is placed in the middle of the pit lane, a car in the pit will not be counted for a lap because it is going around the sensor.
                So, a sensor for counting laps is needed in the 3rd lane.

                I think.

                I have not actually tried it, but have read it in other forums.

                Also, MRC has a N-DIGITAL MULTI-LANE SENSOR listed on their site, but it is for 4 lanes. (and currently not available)
                Therefore, the connection tabs are the same as regular track pieces.
                To place the sensor on a third lane, the tabs would have to be reversed, (on right lane, instead of left) like the multi lane kit pieces which connect lanes 2 to 3.
                (which is also currently not available)

                Here are 3 possibilities that might work.

                1. I'm wrong and the pit lane actually does count laps.

                2. Use a pit lane kit as illustrated in my last post, but without the pit sensor.
                Bring 3 lanes down to 2 lanes just to cross over the powerbase sensor track, then go back to 3 lanes. (a chicane of sorts)
                It is a little hokey, but I think it would work.
                Also, your layout would be limited to the curves in kit #4, and you would have to cut some straights in half.
                (Or wait until when/if they are released)

                Here is a link to the multilane sensor at MRC

                3. When the multi lane sensor track becomes available, perform some surgery and convert a single lane straight into a sensor track.

                I have to go back to work now, lunch is over.


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                  Hi Peter,
                  to SCI. Yes it is very easy to create a 3 lane loop...


                  Originally posted by PeterH View Post
                  Is it possible to do a 3 lane loop using the parts from kit4 and a number of R1 and R2's?

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                    You're right it would work in analog.
                    I was still thinking digital.


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                      Originally posted by LegoPete View Post
                      Hi Peter,
                      to SCI. Yes it is very easy to create a 3 lane loop...

                      Thanks, the drawing looks exactly like I would like it to, but ... when I tried to build this using all but the singlelane parts I ran into some problems: The space between the two outer straights is about an inch wider than the middle straight (does this make any sense? ). Has anybody tried this IRL? Can the parts be "forced" together? I haven't got any track clips yet.

                      I'm interested in this when I go digital. Using the pitlane parts I would like to have one long 6 lane straight(three in each direction) using an appropriate amount of straight triplets. My next problems is sure to be how to place the LC's with this odd number of lanes in each direction. I guess I'll need a bunch of those multilane kits .




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                        Gentlemen, I've not studied the posts in this thread so can't/won't make any definite statements about some of the items mentioned.
                        However, you need the multilane sensor which plugs into the Control console and is placed alongside the half track that the control console is attached to provide the power and lap counting for lanes three and 4.
                        As far as the (analog) 10504 Extension kit #4 goes, I have them in stock. Remember, Kit 4 when used with an analog layout must be used with a 10401 Double Power Power base.

                        Think Red!



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                          Hi Bob,

                          the multilane kit should only be used when you have a multilane finishline, right? As I have read the information about N-digital there's no problem in creating a three or four lane part of the track as long as it doesn't "go past" the finishline. The pitlane as an example of this I guess ...




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                            The multilane kit enables you to go from lanes 2-3 or 4-5 or 6-7 and back again. the multilane sensor provides the start finish line

                            Think Red!