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    Just saw the newest Ninco cataloge and didn't see any megane Pro Race kit? Will there be a new kit with different colors or are they all done?

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    Ahhh...the anticipation!


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      Yeah, I just don't know. They had the green Megane ProRace car at the Nurnberg toy fair, but I don't know if this means they're going to be available in 2007, or if they were just showing off a 2006 release. Carrera had plenty of 2006 cars on display, too.

      I hope the Megane ProRace is available. I got two, and I'm crazy about these cars (one geared low for short tracks with the NC-2, and one geared tall with the NC-6 for bigger tracks). I'd like to see the other guys in the club have a crack at them, because they're a ball to run.


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        The only scheduled prorace/prodriver kit is the Ferrari 360 "Jara".
        It's hot!!!
        Hopefully, Alan will post the April newsletter I sent to him within the next 24 hours.
        The Prorace Prodriver kits are always limited edition and have never been re-released Since starting the series, NINCO has given a good cross section of cars including 4wd rally and GT.... the series has been popular, so we can expect it to continue.
        Having said that, if you feel you want the "Jara" (and it should be available by early May), I can't say it strongly enough..... Preorder it from your favorite NINCO dealer!!!

        Think Red!