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extended pit lane?

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  • extended pit lane?

    this was probably bought up before, and i may have missed it....but has anyone tried buying 2 digital pit lanes and using the middle pieces to make one long pit lane? it would cut down on overshooting.

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    just cut a full straight with a razor knife down the middle. thats what I did and it works fine.


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      thanks for the the suggestion kirk44.....i'll try it


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        It's all in the trigger finger!!!

        I have been absent from this forum for a while as I have spent most of my free time playing with Ninco N and chipping 32 (thirsty to) F1 cars!!!.
        During that time I discovered why the FIA implemented a "pitlane reduced speed" for F1 race cars. Not just to make it safer for mechanics but also to make sure that you do not overshoot the pitlane!!!
        And guess what, slightly reducing the pressure of the trigger finger on the Ninco N controllers really works when pitting. I used to be half way down the pitlane exit when experimenting at first with the Ninco N pitlane and now "I pit like a pro" (TM)
        Try it, you'll be amazed (LOL)

        "Pit like a pro" and "Ninco N happens when racing" are all trade marks of DELTA RT
        "Think Red" is trade marked by Ninco Bob
        "Take your chip out of my car" is trade marked by Scale Electric