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Power issues on digital track

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  • Power issues on digital track

    I need help on something i have a hard time to understand.
    I have created a track (85 feet long)

    If i use standard tracks and only the digital power base everything runs fine and i have constant power all over the track.

    If i connect 2 lane changers and the display tower close to the power console (console/40cm straight/LC/40cm straight/LC/4cm straight/display tower). i have constant power all over the track.

    If i take the same 2 LC from the start/finish straight and switch them with 2 other straights on the circuit I loose power over all and close to the LC i have no power at all. Also, my control tower has no power with that setup.

    My tracks are clean (took me 2 hours to clean them, used a vacuum and a dry towel to clean the rails)

    At 1st i thought i had defective LC but if i put them close to the console it works fine and the tracks is still 85 feet long and in all the cases i use the same tracks.

    Any suggestions or ideas?
    I have included graphical representation of case 2 and 3

    Thanks a lot!!

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    That's a cool racing layout!
    Make sure you are putting the lane change tracks in the proper direction. They are directional!!
    All of the lane change tracks must be pointed in the same directional of travel (the red/white stripes) as the little white arrow that's in front of the power console. That white arrow is pointing to the left and the directional of travel of the cars is "clockwise", so all the red/white arrows (LC tracks) have to be going clockwise as well.

    Think Red!
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      Thanks Bob, i thought it was cool too ... until it did not work

      I am pretty sure i put them in the proper direction but i will double check.
      I have read an other post by yourself and you say i can use wd40 to clean the rails.
      Like i said i have cleaned them and i removed a lot of carbon with a dry towel but maybe there is some left...there was a lot. One thing i'm sure is that there is no dust.

      I wonder it will help because the power goes down the further i go away from the console unless the dirty tracks are far from the console i don't see the link but i will sure try.

      F.Y.I: i run the circuit clockwise (that is before it crosses). The 1st corner is at the left of the start/finish straight.


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        Check your braids on the cars as well and be sure they're clean too, and angled down and not flat (horizontal) against the slight guide.
        It doesn't make any doesn't matter where you put the LC's, but they have to be in the right direction.

        Think Red!



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          Even if the Lane Change tracks were in the wrong way round it would not have the effect you describe.

          I think you must have a continuity fault in one or both of the LC tracks that just happened to show up in one configuration.

          Can I sugest you retrace your steps going back to a track without LC's and check that is fine. If so then add one LC in trying it at different points in the circuit. If that is ok try adding the second one. If you use a logical approach you will find the offending track piece or pieces.


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            I will try all that tonight one question though

            Can i put an odd number of LC's?


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              It's not a matter of odd or even, however for real racing you need at least one L-R & one R-L otherwise lane changing is a one way trip. After that you can add them in whatever number or combination you like.

              However because Ninco sell them in pairs that is what you are likely to end up with. For testing and diagnosing this strange problem, it's fine to put in a single one.


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                yes you can install any combination of lane changes and crossovers.


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                  I agree with Kirk and slots commentsabout installing any number of LC's,
                  but the fact that the control tower doesn't work leads me to still think we have a "directional" problem..... but slotfiend's logical troubleshooting suggestion is a sound one, so have at, and report back....

                  Think Red!



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                    Twin Peaks Ninco, who killed Laura LC???

                    So what happened? The entire Ninco slotcar clan has been waiting to find out what happened?

                    Did Ninco Bob finally retire?
                    Will Ninco Spain find a worthy replacement?
                    Was one LC to blame for the entire mess?
                    Did SlotFiend send you on a wild goose chase?
                    Was it global warming resulting in the connectors no longer connecting tightly?
                    Did you find the only flaw in the otherwise flawless Ninco N system?
                    Did someone patent flawless after reading it here first?
                    It was the extra light shining on the lapcounter tower right?

                    Come on!!! End this nailbiter nightmare of mine!!! Just tell us what YOU did wrong (LOL)


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                      Okay that was funny deltart!

                      Sorry about that did not have time to work on the track for some days.

                      So i had one busted LC but i still had trouble when i replaced it. I made the ciruit smaller and added section and it worked.

                      Then i removed the power and repolugged it...still had trouble. i basically removed the hairpin with the lc and then i had power...i replugged the hairpin with power on and it then worked.

                      Since that im okay and running i guess i had a bad connection some where. Now i have one lc that is busted...if i want to to play around and try to fix it do you guys have link explaining the electronics?


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                        Call me at MRC!

                        Think REd!