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Problems with Audi R8Cs

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  • Problems with Audi R8Cs

    Hello there,

    I have digitallized two Audi R8C and I am having all sorts of problems.

    All my other cars are Nincos and run perfect, but these two stop randomly anywhere in my 32 m circuit, and in both lanes.

    The LCs don't work well either. They often don't change when you want and then again they do when you don't.

    The motors get so hot they burn.

    Both cars speed up and crash when breaking at the end of the straights and both suffer these sympthoms from the very beginning.

    The two cars were bought at the same time in two different shops, so I have discarded a deffective batch. Both chips worked perfect in Ninco cars.

    Any help/advice/Suggestions?


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    I don't think the Slot It motors like the less than 100% PWM that comes from the N-Digital decoder chip. I would try switching out the Slot It motor for a Ninco NC-1 motor.

    Best regards,


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      Hello Brian and thanx for both replies .

      After trying everything that has crossed my mind, I came to the same conclusion. I am waiting for a boxer motor mount so I can get a NC-5 or 6 running. I guess that will solve the electronic problems and maybe the mechanic ones too, since the car works fine without the body, but there is something in it that prevents the Audi from making fast turns and LCs


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        Shouldn't this thread be in the Slot-it section and not Ninco?


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          If it's got a N-digi chip in it, then it belongs here. Peto, are you running mag or non mag? I was considering N-digi, but, 95% of my cars are slot-it, no mag of course. If they'll run no mag, my options are still good!

          Thanks, Gord


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            Hello Gord,

            I run mag 100%.

            Anyway, although I don't have them shaped as good as I want them, the Slot.its are now running fine. Had to replace the motor with a NC5 though , since the Slotit got heated. I gather that is normal when running mag, so you shouldn't have the problem.

            I have a Nissan R390 Road car too, that works nice with an Anglewinder NC-5 and it is running faster than the Audi. Still, they are far (9,05-9,47) from my prepared Moslers (And Nincos at that, not NSRs)

            Some of the electronic problems I met on the beginning were caused by the magnet short-circuiting with the slot, so I taped them. Some others were originated most likely in the motors. I had a few spare NC-5 and took no risks. Now all electronic problems are gone. You should check this if you don't like the idea of replacing your motors.

            I have been running ND for three months and after the first adjustments have had no problem whatsoever. As with everything, try it first if you can, but the ND system works great (IMHO).


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              I ADMIT: I am totally ignorant on motor issues

              Can someone please take the time to explain in detail exactly what causes the problems when running certain motors with the Ninco-N Digital chip. Is it the high rpm's?

              And what is the issue with magnets sucking the car down on the track? I would like to understand better so I know what to stay away from.

              I only run Ninco NC1, Ninco NC2, SCX R4 and Scalextric F1 slim can motors and they all run fine without overheating or destroying the chip.
              I must admit that I run the "custom sanded" Roswell Ninco chips in my F1 cars (the ones where you remove the 220uf big blue capacitor from the 1st release chip and also sand away the obsolete light connectors as F1 cars do not have lights!!!)

              So which motors should we avoid and why?


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                Welcome back, Johan.

                Sorry I can't be of much help about the motors, but short can motors like the ones in some models seem to overheat when running with mags. I've witnessed it in three of them (All LeMans). I also suffered several malfunctions when lane changing and breaking and random stops, that were gone when I replaced the motors with NC5s.

                As for the magnet issue, I got a Nissan R390 and replaced the standard mount with an anglewinder offset. The mags are C shaped and these two xtremes of the C , which happen to face down, come to actually touch the power lines (in Ninco tracks, as the lines protrude slightly. Doesn't happen with Carrera, for example). The result is that the magnet is way too strong to let the car move briskly (or at all with race magnets, which are fatter) and there are moments when the magnet contacts both power lines and shortcircuits the system.