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    Originally posted by Bill Plude View Post
    It's an easy fix though, you just move the pit lane 2 straights down. OR you could turn it around and put it on the next straight in.
    Very smart observation Bill. Looks like we all completely missed that one.


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      Q1 and Q2 answered

      Originally posted by deltart View Post
      Hi Kinder Felt,

      Q1. Could you explain the intriguing use of cut-up Ninco to Scalextric adaptors in the single pitlane?

      Q2. Have you figured out why Ninco N is clockwise racing but the starting grid lines are painted wrongly (inner lane grid is ahead of outer lane grid and should be the other way around). I assume Ninco with all their extensive research and focus on the true enthusiast discovered something that I am unable to explain but which made them come up with a different approach?

      He, he, I figured out the answers to 2 of my own questions.
      Q1. Cut-up sinlge lane Ninco2Classic adaptor
      I discovered I do have the Ninco2Classic adaptors in my track inventory.
      Very smart indeed cutting up that trackpiece so that the Classic adaptors connect to one another in the middle and nicely line up on the outsides with the Ninco track pieces.

      Q2. Ninco 1/2 straight white starting lines
      Another major disappointment in Ninco once I saw the light. The way the starting grid lines are drawn they can only be used for track lay-outs where:
      a) the 1ST CORNER is a LEFT hand turn after the start or
      b) in a counter clockwise setup (which makes it rather akward when using a clockwise Digital Powerconsole!!!).
      Not sure whose idea at Ninco it was to include these counter clockwise starting grid trackpieces with a clockwise Digital set??? Can't wait to hear the "official" Ninco Spanglish on why it is superior.

      Overall I discover over and over again a certain sloppiness by a company which prides itself on being there for the serious hobbyist or clubracer. Am I wrong?

      The list so far:
      1.) Digitally chipped cars can not run on an analog lay-out
      2.) Powerconsole 104 had wrong software loaded upon release
      3.) Pitstop algorithm based on driving style a fairy tale
      4.) AM and PM not suited for NC5/NC. motors
      5.) Latest version 2.0 chips way too bulky for a lot of cars.
      6.) No clockwise starting straights in track offering.
      7.) No single lane track pieces in track offering to easily create multi-lane lay-outs or to extend single lane pitlanes.
      8.) EIGHT months after Digital release still no additional LC's (XLC on its way, curved LC's no where in sight!!!).
      9.) F1 type smaller chip that can actually fit in Ninco Classic F1 cars???
      10) ....


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        Nice track Kinder!! I like it!!
        I'm still waiting for the bugs to get ironed out of Ninco before I jump in...
        Probably gonna add a third track in my shop...Looking at either Carrera or Ninco..
        I favour Ninco for it's ability to run 8 cars and it's nice grippy track...But all the problems and never ending delays in releasing advertised products has put me right off for now..
        I like the red table covering!!
        Last edited by Phil from Aus; 07-13-2007, 06:20 PM.


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          Fishing and slotcars - FLY fishing??? DRY fishing???

          If I didn't know better I would say that this is a picture of a fishing competition.
          One slot car is driven as fast as possible across the track and the guys with the yellow fishing gear are trying to catch it before it gets a lap in.
          Who said slotcar racing isn't fun (LOL)