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ninco power base breaking down

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  • ninco power base breaking down


    We have a 10m slot Ninco slot car system (normal, not digital). We have it now for two years. After 1 year the power base stopped working. Subsequently, I bought a second (extension) set including a power base.

    Just recently, also the second power base stopped working. I measured with a multimeter, and found out that the 14 V goes into the power points of the power track, but does not end up in the tracks.

    What is the cause of this? What is the solution? I presume, just buying a new powerbase? Is the double powerbase #10401 an option?

    Finally, does anybody know a shop in Singapore, where I currently live?


    PS I hope I posted in the right area.

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    Welcome to SCI! Here are a couple things to try. Where the power cord plugs into the powerbase check the spring loaded contact piece in the powerbase female connection - it may be bent in too far, therefore not making contact with the outside edge of the jack. You can gently pry it out a small amount at a time with a small blade screwdriver or tweezers or something similar. If this does not solve the problem then you most likely have a continuity problem. Take the bottom off the powerbase and check all connections for continuity. Problems where the wires attach to the track rails are simply fixed by resoldering them to the rails. If there are shorts at the PC board these may be a bit trickier to fix. If you are comfortable with a soldering iron then 'freshening' up the problem connection should fix things. If not then maybe if you know someone who is good with a soldering iron. Otherwise, you could see if your dealer can exchange the part.

    Hope this helps,


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      ninco power base break down: thanks for suggestion


      thanks for your suggestions. Some of things I have tried. I have taken the thing apart, and all the visible threads are still connected. My assumption is that it is in the electronic circuit board, or the connection point as you suggested. I will try.

      I found it strange that this should happend to two different power bases.

      Anyway I have a soldering tool, but playing on the circuit board might be a bit more challenging for me.

      I have at least some further things to try.

      Frank (des2sin)


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        The electronic circuit board in the power track section is pretty simple - DC power in, power is then run through a direction switch and then split and runs to each controller jack. It does seem odd that you have had two units go faulty on you. Have you positively ruled out that the problem might be with something else (controllers, car(s), etc.)?



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          I have a well-used (red) Ninco power base that I've wired into several different track systems over the years. Since I'm too cheap to buy a Professor Motor controller, I switch controllers frequently and recently had one lane "die" on me - as suggested, it was the internal contact point for the jack that wasn't making proper contact.

          Having Fun - Da Vols - Bruce & Harriet & Fluffs & Garfield


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            I need to wait till the next weekend till I can try the suggestions out, and positively rule out (again) all other possibilities.

            I will keep you posted



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              Remove the bottom red cover and "wiggle" each of the jacks and see if the contacts in the circuit board move.
              From plugging and unplugging, one of the soldered connections may have cracked and you're no longer making contact. Use a soldering iron and "re-do" the contacts.

              Think Red!