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  • Ninco on Scaley Sport

    How do I get my Ninco's to run on Scaley Sport track? I have trued the tires but they still just spin and slide like they are on ice. NINCO Mosler and McLaren GTR. Are silicons the only way to get these cars to hook up? I have read some threads about bracing the chassis will this help. Running magnet would placing a bar magnet near the rear axel also help? Should they be regeared?

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    Hey Arrold, how's it going? We ran Ninco on Sport track last night. Clean tires are critical. Lots of masking tape for us, otherwise the tires get very slick.

    The Mosler is much easier to get running well, but the McLaren needs more work. Both benefit tremendously from ProRace gears and wheels. And you know me, I don't go for the aftermarket parts very often.

    I'd switch to the red ProRace gears -- the taller gears reduce torque at the back wheels, and helps you tame wheelspin.
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      Tire change is all I needed

      On many NINCO cars to run on different track systems.

      The S1 and S2 tires will fit a lot of NINCO cars especially the GT types.

      They made the cars very drivable here.

      Hope this helps some.
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        Thanks Kurt, Alan, I was wondering if the NC5 motors just had to much tork for the Sport surface. I have ordered some Indy Grips for them which is my first purchase for tires since I met you last yr Kurt. I also have some S2 ordered that I was going to put on some Slot.its that did not come with them. I will try both to see which works better. Not sure how these cars are geared box stock. Would you suggest a lower gear ratio? That's my thoughts.


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          Arrold, Alan is right that tires will make a huge difference. We ran the Ninco regional race with NC-6 motors on Scalextric Sport track, and it was very drivable using the Ninco Shore A25 tires. And the NC-6 does have torque!

          Indy Grips seem to have nice bite on Sport track, so they might be the ticket.


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            If you are running magnets, Ninco cars will not keep up with cars that have rear mounted magnets. I run mine with out and they hook very well with Slot it S1 12x20 rear tires on my sport track. You could also paint your track with a textured paint, like Ralph Lauren River Rock, which gives awesome grip with almost any tire.


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              Don't know about other Ninco GTs but Slot-it S1 12x20 fit perfect on my Meganes and with no magnet the cars run great.


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                Package from FantasyWorld arrived today. With Indy Grips the Ninco's are drivable. The Mosler turned a 4.5 which is a prettly good lap time on my track which is about 45'. Pete I do plan to paint my track which may be a project for this summer as well as building the table that keeps getting put off.


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                  I usually treat my NINCO stock tires with a little Tiger's Milk and they run fine on my Scaley track at home. Some may not like that, but to me, its better than switching tires out and looking for that right tire. Plus, my local track only allows us to race our cars with the box stock tires, hence, I need to get them to hook up any way.

                  Just some other advice that I knew worked for me.



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                    Thanks PD. I also noticed last night that the motor in the Mosler rocks in the motor pod. Looks like I'll have to go buy some hot glue strips and tack it down. The McLaren is an inline and the motor doesnt seem to move.


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                      The Mosler will perform even better after you glue in the motor. It really helps to make the handling more consistent.

                      Best regards,


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                        Good post question! The Mosler and the awful McLaren (slidey beast) are such (respectively) ordinary and weak performers on Sport, aren't they?

                        Ninco GT/JGTC style cars always spin around like crazy on Sport as the heavy motors are so far back they unbalance the car.

                        Yes, clean your tyres with sticky tape regularly as they pick up dust quickly on smooth track like Sport. When they are clean they give a bit more grip than Scalex stock tyres.

                        Fly Marcos/Corvette/Porsche GT1 EVO rear tyres add a higher level of grip if you have a pair laying around to try.

                        Otherwise, a Ninco NC1 adaptor and a Slot It can-drive motor (NC1 drive) will reduce rear-end weight to give a lighter, more stable and far more responsive drive. If you get one of the new V12/3 motors these have high 160/180g/cm that will, with the lighter weight, equal the performance of the NC5 motors you have fitted.


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                          Originally posted by screwneck View Post
                          Ninco GT/JGTC style cars always spin around like crazy on Sport as the heavy motors are so far back they unbalance the car.
                          I have several stock and not-so-stock, mag and no-mag Ninco SuperGT cars for you to try. They eat up Sport track. But those McLarens...ugh.


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                            Some of the problem is that the Scalextric Sport power supply is rated at 16 volts. This is a lot of volts for the NC-5 motor which has a lot more torque than the Scalextric motor and the Ninco cars have the magnet located in front of the motor which is good for Ninco track but not so good for the smoother Sport track. If you could run the cars at 12 volts you would find the Ninco cars to run very good on Sport track without having to change the motor.

                            Best regards,


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                              This is very true, Brian. Both of the Scalextric Sport tracks in our club are running one Scalextric power supply per lane. Even the NC-2's fly on these tracks, but the NC-5's and 6's really move.