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    Originally posted by ElSecundo View Post
    I have several stock and not-so-stock, mag and no-mag Ninco SuperGT cars for you to try. They eat up Sport track. But those McLarens...ugh.
    Gee, I'm surprised. I have a couple of older McLaren's on NC1 which I thought drove quite nicely, plus some of the newer McLarens with NC-5, which I haven't broken out of the boxes yet.

    I was assuming (makes an A S S out of ME) that their short wheelbase, inline motor to give less taily front rear balance etc, and light weight, SHOULD have made them a little rocket.

    I presume (as opposed to assume LOL), that if you can't get them to handle nice, I sure aint got a hope. I might as well keep them as shelf queens.

    I'm getting SLAYED by a guy in our club who has his mosler SO much faster than anyone elses' anything Ninco, and THAT is slower than his NSX which he is too gentlemenly (or borded with success) to bring out the race-case for Ninco class racing. I had been hoping the McLaren was going to get me onto the same page as him - for a week or two at least.


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      Originally posted by SlotsNZ View Post
      I presume (as opposed to assume LOL), that if you can't get them to handle nice, I sure aint got a hope. I might as well keep them as shelf queens.
      Hey, you know what happens when you presume -- you make a 'pres' out of you and me. So, Mr. President, congratulations on the promotion!

      I honestly have made no serious effort to get the McLarens to handle well, so don't abandon all hope. I would expect McLarens to play much nicer with the NC-1 -- most of their troubles seem to come from overpowering their chassis -- no problem with the NC-1.


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        As someone once said, "All underpowered cars handle well!"


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          Originally posted by PeteN95 View Post
          As someone once said, "All underpowered cars handle well!"


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            How to under power a McLaren with an NC-6

            Unforturtunately as the title indicates, they are to race in a [close ears sensitive types] magnet class, actually, an OPEN class.

            (as many magnets as you like, any parts you like so long as they came from the Ninco factory) Any chassis mods you like etc, Ninco tyres only.

            The track is fairly high speed. Lap record for this class is 4.83 seconds for 98 feet. [20.5 feet per second. ]
            (How quick is that compared to quick USA tracks - I'd love to get a fix on how we are learning this craft.)

            NSX with stock gear ratios. The guy with the 2 fastest cars, this and his Mosler gave up on high ratios, and went back to stock,standard gears, axles and wheels to lower weight, - pro-race is heavier. His chassis is mostly lost to the art of dremel, held together at the bracings like a set of girders. The body is so thin from dremeling you can see through it in places! But hey it works, I can't catch him no matter what I try.

            His fellow afficiandos converted from the RC world tell me he built almost unbeatable cars there too . . . BUG***
            He's a dentist, so I suspect he has about 100,000 bucks worth more of "precision slot car construction equipment" than the rest of us. LOL

            We're considering handicapping him with a brick. Opinion is divided as to whether we tie it to the back of his cars, or merely hide it under the overpass on his lane.

            Not that I'm whining, he's my first convert to no-mag racing. We're plugging away with Fly Evos and Racing Capris hoping to get a no-mag class up and running at the club soon.

            I should add, STOCK slot.its eg Audi with Race Magnet, Ferrari 312PB with race magnet, McLaren with standard Magnet, with eirther orange Endbell or the old 25K motor,all run at about 5.6 - 5.7 seconds.
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              What happens when these lightened magnet bullets crash?! New car time?


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                Actually no

                Funnily enough, one guy has a front end with a film of clear cloth and fibreglass over it, and I cracked a nose on one of my moslers a few weeks back, which I just spot glued from inside with a dab of araldite, but other than that we're STUNNED at how robust the Ninco body/chassis etc are.

                To my knowledge, no one has even broken an engine mount.
                They hit those MDF barriers like a tracer bullet at probably 30 feet a second end of the front straight and bounce metres, and you just toss 'em back in the slot and off they go.

                Engines, bushes or ball races, everything glued in place.

                But if you crash, you lose half a lap at these speeds, so de-slots are dropping dramatically in all classes.