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I'm getting anoyed here...

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  • I'm getting anoyed here...

    I was wondering where you guys found extention cable for the digital controllers.
    I went around 4 specialied electronique store but they never have a cable with a female end for that small "phone" connection"

    I know Ninco is seeling one but at 17$ CDN it is, to remain polite, so over priced. I can find a 14ft. phone extention cord for 1.50$...okay it might not be easy to find but 17$...

    In short i would really like to know were i can find an extention cord for the N-Digital controllers.


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    Not to annoy you more.

    But how much is your time worth.

    After visiting 4 Stores I would have gladly paid the $17.00 for the convenience.

    I understand your frustration but how many times are you going to buy cables.

    Please remember NINCO is made in Spain where the $ both US and Canadian are not doing so well. This is part of the pricing you are seeing.

    I am sure the Electronic Store cables are made in China and in way more volume than NINCO, however if you do find someone selling an extension cheap be sure to let us all know.

    Me I would pay the money and get on with Racing. That just seem more like fun to me than trekking around looking for cheap cables. You could also splice the NINCO cables and extend them yourself.

    I know you could be buying up to 6 cables, that may be the way to go.

    Good luck on your quest.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      I see what you mean and it's not like i took half a day to go around and drive to 4 stores. It was done over the span of about 2 weeks now. I looked for a store on my daily road and went to it when i could and repeated the process...anyhow

      I understand the volume equation and I'm not looking for a cheap cable but more for a decent priced cable something like 5$ would make sense to me.

      I also did not stop racing we are are just really cuddly around the console.

      Let's face it it is overpriced. They are fabricating all there parts in Spain (apparently) right? The far more expensive and complex to design digital chip is sold for about 25$. Also, for some reason the analog extension is 10$. I can buy a pack of "specialized" Ninco tracks for the same price as a telephone cord extension!

      If we want to discuss the source of the problem. I don't know if people at Ninco tested racing with 8 cars but unless you want to hug everyone the standard cable length of the controller is too short. At 3 the comfort zone is starting to become a factor. I am not saying I'm right. I am just saying what i think and what i don't understand and i would love to have a relax conversation with the designers/marketers to understand there point of view but i doubt making the cable twice as long right of the bat would have been a money losing solution.

      Don't get me wrong here. I love the products Ninco are selling. I think they are great design ideas (8 cars racing, full compatibility, easy to use, the track pieces are just great!) but sometimes i feel there is a lack of practical thinking of finishing touch. (No back light on control tower, no last lap on digital console, N-Scorer sounds is not loud enough, same lighting problem on the N-Scorer, short cables, No use of the out port on the Pole position analog counter...wait and see for the digital version). When you compare the general quality of the Ninco products to those points it is disapointing and i think it is one of reason why people are so critical about Ninco. Some people will tell me those are details and does not prevent you from racing. True but they are issues that arise from the first day you use those products

      I compare it to someone that has full potential but does nothing to "bloom" to someone that has a hard time but tries. The 1st one is disappointing because of the possibilities and the later just the way it is.

      Okay i talked enough


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        NINCO do read this Forum as does Bob from MRC

        I understand your points.

        I fully agree on all the Digital systems with multi players you have to get real friendly crowding around the Base Module to play.

        Maybe NINCO should look at selling a 4 or 8 pack of cables for a reduced price, after all it only works on NINCO ( well possibly your phone as well ) and it means you have 4 or 8 Racers. This should mean more cars and chips bought, I agree it would make sense.
        Let's see if Bob wants to touch this on as 8 x $17 is a fair amount of change.
        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.



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          Thats typical Ninco

          Since Ive been involved in slots, Ninco have always been the one of the most expensive, but that necessarily reflect in the quality. The price of the N Digital set should have sounded alarm bells.
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            What you are looking for is an RJ-10 extension cord. Regular telephone cords are RJ-11. Handset cords are RJ-10, so if you can find one of those - I have a few kicking around from old modems. Maybe check out a Value Village or Sally Ann/Thrift Store. I find they have older stuff for less than a dollar. I use them to get old parallel cables when I make lap counters.

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              Hi Kinderfeld15,

              Mate it's all due to the retailers markups.
              If they make 100% profit or 10% it's up to them.
              The N-Digital Master set could have easily been sold cheaper to all.
              It would be revealing to see the difference in the profit margin between all the manufacturers.



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                Thank you all, I find all the reply very helpful/interesting

                I'm curious about the deal we might have on buying bulk extensions


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                  Sorry I am so late in replying

                  Can't get any cheaper than this....


                  In the mean time I switched to soldering them directly onto the controllers (a piece of cake) following the suggestions from JOHNNYC


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                    Thank you.

                    Never mind Bob we found the answer and it was not 42.

                    Thanks a lot for posting this link.

                    Alan Smith
                    SCI Owner.



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                      Originally posted by Scaleracing View Post
                      Never mind Bob we found the answer and it was not 42.

                      Thanks a lot for posting this link.

                      Maybe 42 is the answer and we just don't know what the question is.


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                        and comments of course are well noted and will be passed to NINCO.

                        Think Red!