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  • NC-1 question

    Does the NC-1 have enough torque to support a 2:80 or 2:90 gear ratio? Has anyone here tried it? Did you go faster?

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    Yes, yes, and yes, a 10T pinion (2.70) will make any NC-1 powered car faster on most tracks. It also reduces the low end torque, which makes the car more drivable without affecting braking.


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      But does the slower acceleration and higher top-end speed actually make the car faster ?

      Surely that would depend on the layout? On a twisty track with short sections and few long straights it may be slower on anything but the long straights

      And how come it doesn't reduce braking? Laws of physics don't apply to the NC1?


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        The cars will accually accelerate faster because there is less wheel spin, even on a tight track. The braking is reduced slightly, but because it is so strong to begin with, it isn't missed.


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          Most of the guys in our club run 2:40 gear ratio. 10 pinion and 24 crown. Try it you wont believe how fast an NC1 can go.


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            Tres interesting, and not what I expected to hear; the torque rating - 74 g/cm - is not exactly scary.

            I would like to hear more from Penquin, both as to the nature of the club track he's referring to and the weight of the cars running this high gearing.


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              Believe it or not the NC1 is a great torque motor. I'm really not one to rely on a bunch of numbers to convince me of the performence of a motor, I would rather perform a live test cause sometimes numbers do lie. Saying that, I put an NC1 in a Slot-it Nissan 390 with a 10-24 gear set up and there isnt an NC5 that can touch it. Car is stock except the motor, gear and PPR's. The NC5 is faster in the straight but that little NC1 spanks it the turns thus running faster lap times and winning the race. Does'nt matter plastic or wood (no magnet of course). Try if fellas the conversion is pretty cheap to do and you wont believe the result. But your fellow racers will.


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                On a short, twisty, wood course, those NC1's are hard to beat. However, your miliage may vary. Our club has some of the FASTEST NC1 cars you may ever race against.

                In the open class, I'm guessing some of the the cars weigh around ~45 grams. Think swiss cheese with a body on it. Maybe one of the guys would be kind enough to post a pic..? I don't run that class because for me it would be like bringing a wet towel to a gun fight.


                Ps.. here are some of the tracks:

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                  It's great to see someone take a minute to illustrate the point they're making with a few photos and descriptions!

                  Also good to see that this thread has come back to life, I think it's an important one.