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Money well spent? I need help please.

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    damaged track

    I wish you well.
    Last summer I set up a track for a Charity carnival. I set the track up the night before and covered it with a tarp and put it under a canopy. Well, to make a long story short, the wind blew the end of the tarp off the track. The sun came out and here is what 9 sections of track looked like.

    Luckily I had replacement track delivered by express. I was still out over $200.
    I keep the track pieces around to remind me to weight the tarp down. The sun is not your friend. This year I build a cap to cover the entire track.


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      Can't believe my eyes

      I am speechless. My track is laying on my garage floor in sunnny Texas and the temperatues reach 80's and 90's easily but it remains flat (so far). Is it possible that you already had some tension on the track pieces when assembling the track lay-out?


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        Get Carrera track. Doesnt warp. Doesnt rust.


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          I know that you're statement is tongue in cheek. But to avoid confusion; I don't think that Carrera has ever claimed that their track does not warp or rust. Their track is the most rigid out of the big 4 and therefore is more resistant to warpage. And the rails having a good amount of Chromium mixed in the steel gives it a high resistance to rusting. Leave it out in the sun and it will warp, expose it to a highly damp climate for a prolonged period of time and it will rust.


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            cheap fix for warped plastic

            Originally posted by Modifier View Post

            Is their anyway I can fix this problem?
            I have been able to flatten plastic car chassis that have warped by using very hot water.

            You could try bringing water to a near boil and pouring it over the track piece that is in some kind of shallow container. You shouldn't have to wait very long, maybe 30 seconds max. for the track to soften and then bend it back opposite the warp while checking it on a flat surface.

            You might want to wear a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands from the heat.




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              i got bought used track and when it arrived in the mail, the pieces were warped. not bad, and generally a gentle end to end warp...a straight for example, looked like it was set up on blocks supported only by the end and the middle sagged. when connecting 2 pieces together, the joint was high, the middle low.

              i just gently worked the rails, flexing them the opposite way, and i think it has worked fine. but this was not a bad warp.

              i can't believe that it could warp from 80 degree temps, and even the sun melt picture earlier in the thread is hard for me to believe!


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                Hey Gents/Ladies. I've been working with the hobby store that sold me the track, and it looks like we have come to a very peacefull solution. Once things are all said and done, I can let you know what the final outcome was.

                I do appreciate all the tips. I was hesitent to try and bend the pieces back into shape for fear of screwing things up further.

                Ninco Bob has been instrumental in the discussions, I will say that! Stand up guy! Represents a great company! Customer Service is everything! EVERYTHING!