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    That was my point!!
    • The same way that a car on a tight, multi turn track would benefit from a 33/11 anglewinder gearset, and a fast track with minimal tight turns would benefit from a 31/13 gearset, tire sizes and wheel sizes will also impact the handling.
    • Ride height....sure!, but different tire/wheel diameters will cause the car to move a certain distance for each 360 degree rotation of the wheel, and depending on the speed of the car (torque curve of the motor) the tire/wheel size and grip of the rubber will change the overall performance.
    • The combinations should be experimented with because everyone's driving style and braking points are different.

    Think Red!



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      Ah Good! I did understand you correctly

      Good Bob,
      at least my fuddled brain understood that part.

      I need to take some time to figure out which rim/tyre combinations fit on which chassis -whether some chassis just won't take say the 18" rim and 20.5 x 11.5 in their wheel arch at rear, and at similarly front.

      I'll post any useful thoughts and experiences back to this area - when I get time, and a progressive chart of swapouts I found working well.


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        The 17" ProRace rims will give you a slightly smaller overall diameter than the Mosler/Toyota/Ascari stock wheel/tire combination and the 18" ProRace rims will give you a slightly larger overall diameter than the Mosler/Toyota/Ascari stock wheel/tire combination. I don't have the exact dimensions handy but it's less than .040" either way. So if you have at least .020" clearance between the tire and the rear fender than the 18" wheels will work fine.

        Best regards,