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2nd CHIP Gone Bad?

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  • 2nd CHIP Gone Bad?

    We have a problem w/ one of two NINCO car's (both w/ NC-5 motors). We chipped both NINCO cars (Nissan 350z & Nissan 350z Xanavi), although they were on a little the loud side, they ran well!

    Shortly, after about 15 minutes of warm up laps, the Xanavi just simply didn't work anymore. When you press the trigger you can feel a small murmur/feedback coming from the motor, but no output. So we swapped it w/ a working chip and it was running again. But we were out a faulty chip Next day we exchanged it for a new chip and installed it back into the Xanavi, ran both NINCO's for about 15-20mins, then BAM!! Same murmur/feedback and pLUS the motor felt a bit hot... grrr....

    I read thru some threads and the different behaviors that the NINCO track, car, mag's and chips give out. But not the exact results that we are getting. Is it the magnet touching track, the power supply, two NC-5's running at the same time?? I don't know, I am still VERY MUCH a NEWBIE at this hobby, ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Paging NINCO BOB, paging NINCO Bob...

    We plan to return the chip and get a new one again, bUT, who's to say it happens a 3rd time around? UGH, were just looking to get that Xanavi back on the track and racing!

    All car's (1/32) are still mag'd...

    THANKS for reading, we look forward to all of your feedback and input!
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    I have a handful of chips, the only one to ever go bad was when there was a crash and the weight which was glued to the pan came loose and was rattling around inside the car. Car had many crashes but the only time the chip stopped working was when the metal piece came loose inside the car.

    Since then I have been wrapping the chips in electrical tape and have had no problems. The circuits are exposed and if they come in touch with the wrong thing (motor, weights, axle, it could short and damage the chip.

    The chips work grat and are very consistent in performance. I assume the one of mine that broke was user error (even though the Ninco instructions do not say anything about protecting the chip.)

    You can send the chip back for warranty replacement.


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      I would agree with da_rainbow's assessment..... check the car after a crash to be sure the chip hasn't changed position..... but also, I would check carefully that you're not mounting the chip where it possibly could vibrate free and start resting on the front axle or the magnet, shorting out the components.
      Also, you must remove the silver ferrules from the end of the motor wires (that went into the slot guide) and must use the little black "pegs" to secure the motor wires in the chip "holes". And be sure to clip off any excess strands of wire after securing the motor wires to the chip.
      I'm unclear about your use of magnets.....are you using additional magnets or just the stock button magnet?

      Think Red!