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Subaru tuner..friday afternoon car?

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  • Subaru tuner..friday afternoon car?

    I bought a Ninco tuning Subaru..must have been made on a friday afternoon after everyone came back from the pub ! ! !
    what a bad car.....
    firstly..only one of the headlights works...I contacted Ninco them selves over this...they got the local Australian Agent to call me....they sent me their aftermarket kit to fix it with..not really good enough..and it sucks so much power out of the car I had to remove it

    the paint on the side of the car is sticky..and gets real dirty..I have to wash the car once a week as it looks terrible...
    and now one of the rear wheels has started to fall off !!!!! I have tried both super glue and hot glue but it wont stay on
    is it only me that has these sort of trouble or is this common withninco cars?

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    u know mate things like this do happen i own a excellent ninco rally subaru and WOW!!!!! what a car i will continue to buy and purchase ninco products over and over again. class leading products. but then there is that one and only one the one will ruin every thing what that company makes like they say if its excellent u will only tell two people but if its horrible u will tell the five o clock news so that every one knows i understand ur frustration. but please dont have a bad image of ninco cus of this car remember they are mass produced. always thinking red ninco!!


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      What about the retailer

      I am wondering why you didn't take it back to your retailer. Any slot shop - ir indeed hobby shop wirth it's salt would have repaired or replaced the car for you, saving all that communication with the maker.


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        Teach a man to fish...

        Wheels falling off is a common problem with any brand that has smooth axles. No glue will help as air gets trapped inside the hub and the pressure will eventually push the wheel back off. This can be fixed though.

        Get yourself a pin vise. This will come with tiny drill bits. Take the smallest one and drill a hole starting from the inside of the hub (stick it in the hole that the axle goes into) through to the outside. Clean the oil off of your axles and wheels. Take a drop of CA glue and apply it to the inside of the hub. Push the axle back on and let the glue dry.

        Bummer about the paint. Clean the car, take the body off the chassis, then get some acrylic floor polish (called Future here in Canada) and a sponge brush. Brush the floor polish onto the car in smooth even strokes. Dab any blobs that collect along the rocker panels to clean off the excess. Let it dry and you have a hard shiny coating.

        You're shouldn't have to fix this stuff. But sometimes you have to - especially if the car you want is only made by one manufacturer, or if you bought the car mail order or from ePay and returning it isn't an option. Learn to fix your cars and it opens up a whole new area of enjoyment with this hobby of ours.



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          thanks for the replies

          In reply to SlotsNZ ..I did take the car back to the retailer but he could not get the Australian supplier to do anything..which is why I emailed Ninco directly.
          It nearly a month to get a light kit that was not really what I wanted..I wanted the car fixed and they were not prepared to do this.

          Thanks Dr Vanski for your reples sounds like a good idea..what I was going to do was just buy a set of slotit wheels that would fit...but with your idea they will retain the look of the car. and also a big thanks for the idea about the paint I will see what i can find