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Ninco 13 tooth pinion

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  • Ninco 13 tooth pinion

    Hi guys!

    I recently purchased a 31/13 anglewinder gear set, but somehow managed to lose the 13 tooth pinion!!!

    Do any of you know if and where I can buy that pinion separately (other than Ebay)?

    Think Red (in honor of Ninco1)!


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    Only in the gear set

    To the best of my knowledge - according to the Ninco parts list, you can only buy the pro-race 13 tooth pinion in the "kit" with the matching spur gear. (code 80214)


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      Maybe so, but I'll bet if he was to get in touch with NINCO in Spain and explain his predicament they would help out. Heck, there may be a NINCO distributor in Brazil who could do the same, just as MRC would with a customer in this neck of the woods.

      After all, NINCO manufacture that particular piece by the thousand, somewhere on the planet.

      Best of luck, Fred! Let us know how it goes.


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        Thanks guys!

        I might actually write MRC, since I travel to the USA every other month. I doubt that the Brazilian distributor would be willing to help me. When it comes to customer service, it's gotta be in the States!!!

        Thanks again!