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  • More N-Digital Disappointment

    Well I guess I should have read more threads about N-Digital before I jumped on the band wagon and ordered my digital conversion kit. I just received the kit today and thought I would be enjoying digital racing this weekend after many months of waiting and anticipation. Instead I open the kit and read that ...

    1). I need another 1/2 straight section of Ninco track to place between the starting grid and the digital console, which I don't have because I am using the kit to convert my Scalextric Classic track to digital. Hence I don't have any Ninco track other than what the kit provided.

    2). Ninco states its digital system is designed to be used with their motors and use of other manufacutrers motors may not work properly or cause the digital system to malfunction. Don't have any of these either! All my cars are non Ninco to date.

    So after shelling out $260 US, I now need to order more track pieces and Ninco motors and wait another week for delivery.

    Trying not to be too negative, but wish I would read something about this in Ninco's advertising or description about the Conversion Kit before I ordered the kit.

    They call me Zippideedoda

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    I don't see the problem

    I know how frustrating it must be to need to wait for some extra bits to get going, but hey, what's a week when you have a great new system to look forward to for many months and years to come.

    Thing is, any manufacturer has to put such strong "cover notices" on it's product for "protection" in most consumer markets today, that they will naturally make such protective notices about other maker's products.

    In practice you will find that pretty much any RTR 1/32 car works fine with N-digital chips, as can be evidenced from others here. I think Bill Plude converted about 40 cars alone of mixed brands.

    If you're a member here you must be getting the benefits of being able to read all the digital posts, so to be brutally honest, "what's yer problem"

    Remember, it's not really Ninco's responsibility to tell people what might be needed for using their product with other maker's tracks - or cars for that matter. We just ought to be grateful that in practice we can do so due to them making an "open platform" digital system like Scalextric, rather than a closed one like Carrera ProX and SCX.

    They also offer the conversion piece allowing people to make use of older SCX or scaley classic track, instead of "insisting" that users can ONLY use their product. That is saving you on shelling out for a bunch more product, and in the case of people with big permanant layouts, that's a great selling point for Ninco - and a great benefit to converting owners.

    Comfort yourself that you've chosen a very good product that you can build on in time with no redundancy of your previous investment.
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      Everyone has been in the situation where they are short one piece of track to complete the layout they want. The Ninco conversion kit ships with a 1/2 length straight so you should be able to connect this to the Power base to even out the lengths.

      Virtually all 1/32 motors work with N-Digital.


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        I stand corrected.

        You make some very good points SlotsNZ. You are quite correct in pointing out that Ninco has developed there N-Digital to work with any slot track manufacturer's track with the aid of their adapter track. THANK YOU NINCO! Please accept my apologies.

        I have already placed my order for another half straight and will have them in a few days. Looking forward to some fantastic digital racing soon!



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          That's the spirit.

          Glad to hear you're over the "attack of the grumps"

          We all get them sometimes when we hit a few "speedbumps" on our way to slot-glory.

          da_rainbow is one of the digital gurus here, so plug him for advice any chance you get.

          I am presently dealing with my own - EVERY bit of advice/product I took from the hardware store in the past week has stuffed up my new routed creation further. 2 bad products - the paint they recommended and now the clear I had to put over it because it wouldn't harden up, didn't have the sheen and smooth surface it should have - using THEIR recommended roller to apply it, bad quality masking tape - I KNEW I should have stuck to the more expensive brand I usually use - which won't peel off enamel properly, and MAY wreck all my copper taping I had overmasked to paint the "clear" because the adhesion is so strong it is ripping the tape as I tried to lift it . . . a 6-8 hour track build has had and extra 15 hours "remedial" so far due to bad products and advice. mutter mutter mutter.

          . . . at least the fancy "in-slot" I.R. timing system works . . .