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Trophy Set contents -power pack?

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  • Trophy Set contents -power pack?

    Hi All,

    Quick question I bought a the Trophy set 20128 it came with the N-digital transformer 14V-3.0 Amps. Model:S60-140300-WH01. I'm just wondering if this is now used in both analouge and digital sets or if it's been swapped in by the store. the box was previouslt opened?

    Will the N-digital transformer work with the analouge power base or is 3 amps too much for it's wiring?



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    Australian only product

    Hi Vaughan

    I can answer this, as Bob won't know about this particular matter.

    What you have is the power supply used on ALL Australasian sets - both analogue and digital. It is a regulated supply. It is different to the supply which Ninco would normally supply ex the factory.

    It is used to conform to some point in the Australian electrical supply regulations. Ninco supply sets to Australia minus the power supply, and the Australian national distributor then inserts the supplies in Australia before passing the sets onto the retailer.
    (This is obviously with the full knowledge and blessing of Ninco in Spain).

    BTW - it is a bl**** good little supply.


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      Cool, I have N-digital all ready so the extra power supply was a bit of a bonus and 3amps is nice as well