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NC-2 vs NC-5 vs NC-6

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    Bruce, I believe those numbers are from Ninco cars with a lot more than the stock magnets. Just to give an example, an NSR 38.5k long can motor is supposed to draw 2-3amps constant when running. Well, least to say the way they are ran at the local 1/32 track, they pull 6-8amps from a dead stop and stay at a constant 3-4amps running. These are cars weighing in at 1000+ grams of magnetic force.


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      Motor Load

      Originally posted by Da Vols View Post
      SlotzNZ - Are you sure about those amp draw numbers for the Ninco's...I've run them on 1A wall units without a problem, yet a motor like a 48K Cheetah or Falcon will cause the wall unit to cease giving power after some laps - and those motors don't draw as much as what you posted...roughly 2A on full acceleration and 1A or so constant running on a Pyramid variable at 14V...just wondering as all Ninco motors are rated for "home use" power.

      Da Vols - Bruce & Harriet
      Yep, absolutely. And as Mark said, it's due partly to the multiple magnets, but remember most motor figures are quoted free spinning. Certainly Robert Livingstone's often quoted figures track/agree with everything I have measured for various types of motor - when the motor is free spinning, or maybe with axle and wheels free spinning.

      When the motors are subjected to heavy loads -over a pound of downforce - say 600 - 1,000gms, the "peak load" generated by the engine not spinning freely is significantly greater. Once up to speed they are still heavily loaded and taking around 1.25 amps per motor, as opposed to the roughly 400ma initial draw and 200ma at speed they would generate free spinning.

      Falcon V is rated at 4 amps peak draw . . . from everything I have read isn't it?

      We measure on the club track with the 25 amp switchmode supply, and I run several linear regulated laboratory supplies at home with the same sorts of readings. I use a 2 amp variable lab supply for my 8 x R2 Ninco curve "skidpan" and at 13 volts on the inner lane (throw off point) the supply sometimes maxes out and shuts down LOL. They are RIGHT On the limit, 1.9 plus amps. - Magnets plus lateral forces on the tyres and gears.

      I run a 1 amp laboratory regulated supply for my tyre clean and sanding pan, and that will max out on several motors if you load them up heavily, whereas with the back wheels free spinning, those same motors are drawing only 100 - 250ma.

      Another interesting point is to track current draw when doing wet break in. I have taken to doing a few of these, starting off at 6 volts, running up to 9 or 10 to flush, or as the break in progresses. Just having the armature in water creates NC-6 loads of 300ma at 6 volts, up to 900ma at 11 volts - without a pinion, or 1 amp WITH a pinion at 11 volts . . .
      During the break in the motor will rev up and down quite a bit, as carbon shorts out the commutators - especially if the "run in" is not from new - but after some dry use. As break in progresses, the the commutator area cleans up, the revs even out, increase, and the current draw reduces up to 20% from initial readings. Oh, and end result. Higher revving, smoother engines.

      - I sure hope my club competitors aren't reading this, I need a couple of weeks respite . . . Ninco open has turned into a very hotly contested class at club.

      I have also discovered a wee "silver bullet" for wet break ins - PM me anyone who wants a little boost in this area.

      For the record, I run a 3 amp linear regulated suppply for my 3 lane woodie - which is sufficient when the 3 cars have no magnet loading - 3 decent motors like Ninco, spirit or Scale Auto 28K will kick the meter to 3 amps on simultaneuous acceleration from standing start, but with no discernible lag or overload to cause voltage drops or surging which would occur if the supply became overloaded to the point of losing voltage/shutting down despite the regulation.

      That supply was barely enough for my 2 lane Ninco - because of the downforce from multiple magnets when testing cars for the "open" class.
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        Hey Kurt:
        What were the wheels/tires on the rear of the M3?
        If they were the stock ones, they are smaller diameter than the JGTC wheel/tire combos on the Megane's.

        I took an NC2 out of my old M3GTR (Red Bull) and dropped an NC5 in it. It shaved about 0.5sec off per lap on our tracks at HSARC (with stock wheels/tires/gearing), but it proved to be a lot more to handle with the torque in the corners (no-mag of course).



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          Hey, Greg -- 18" ProRace wheels, and the shore A25's to go with them.