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    I am getting serious about buying the currently "retail available" Ninco Classics.

    Am I correct that the hardtop Vette, and convert Vette and Healeys have an NC-5
    and the AC Cobras have an NC-1?

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    I believe the Cobras are either an NC2 or NC5 - not an NC1. The only NC1 powered classics are the Porsche 356/Speedster, Jag XK120, and Ferrari 166 / 250TR.


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      The first four Austin Healey releases have the NC-2 motor and the latest one (the yellow with green stripes) has an NC-5. I love em.

      low tech


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        I think the Doc is spot on.

        I checked my CObras, and the red one 50196 has a black can NC-2 and the black Cobra 50207 has a red can NC-2 - which is effectively the performance of an NC-5.

        The more recent white Cobra was an NC-5.

        My 'vettes are all NC-5. My Ferrari 166s and XK-120s and solitary Porsche 356 all have NC-1s. My numerous Healeys, - as per what he already advised.

        I already converted my white Cobra to NC-1 with the motor and adaptor, but it was very tight, I had to shave a little plastic to make it clear the body because the NC-1 can appears to be slightly higher profile than the long can NC-5.

        Worthwhile doing. I blame THIS FORUM for my increasing addiction to the Ninco classics, I now have rather a lot of "little pretties"
        Doc Van, and 68DeVille spring to mind as a couple of the culprits.

        For the record, the MRRC Cobras CAN be made to run okay, I used "cooked" scalextric motors which had seen better days with low power to replace the insane Scale Auto 28K motor they came with, then added rear end weight to get some kind of balance. They come out handling fine after that.

        That conversion also provides surplus 28K motors to drop into yer Scaley Muscle cars for frightening fellow racers [insert evil laugh here]


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          Thanks very much fellas.