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    What's the best way to break in motors and gears? I see some people use rubbing compound to get a smooth gear mesh, how does this work? It must surely be used for a limited time only, then cleaned off and replaced with a proper lubricant, or else it would ruin the gears completely?

    What about the motors? What the best way to run them in? I want to try to get the motors and gears of my cars as smooth and quiet as possible. And also make them last as long as I can.

    Any suggestions?

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    When using metal gears some people use toothpaste or brasso etc to get rid of any metal burs and give a smoother mesh. Often it is because they havent straightened the chassis or set the motor correctly. With patience a file and a small spirit level you can usually find a good mesh by aligning everything properly before gluing or taping. The gears will wear in in time anyway but using a cutting compound like these things just speeds up the process. Yes you do need to clean it off after you have finished and grease as normal. As for running in motors get set for a million responses. My advice is unless you are running in a control motor class there is no point. It is easy to just go up a motor. There are a heaps on the market just go to the slotcar motor list page and pick one that will suit the track you are wanting to run on. Oil it and go.. Saves the hassle.


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      Just make sure things are properly matched and in alignment and then run the car. The gears will get to know each other quite well.


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        Ninco motors tend to be smooth and quiet when new. Oil the motor bearing (near the pinion end) and pray that the other bearing is not dry, because you can't reach it, due to the end cap. If rules permit, and you are looking for long motor life, you can grind the end cap away to allow access to the bearing for oiling. A tiny drop of oil is all it needs.

        I usually run motors for a half hour on around 6 volts if I am trying for max RPM out of the box. It doesn't always help. Sometimes you get another 1,000 RPM if the brushes need to seat to the commutator; sometimes you get nothing. Get rid of the turquoise inductor in the motor lead, as it can cut a few hundred RPM off the top RPM, as well as limiting torque output. This has been shown by actual tests.